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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In The Christmas Aliens, Mikey is out walking during the Christmas holiday, enjoying the sights and atmosphere. On his travels he finds a stray cat that he picks up and names Klunk.

In The Path, Klunk gets hit by a car and is dying fast. Mikey takes Klunk to a magic man at a dump because he thinks that he can save the kitty's life. The magic man tells Mikey that the only way to save Klunk's life is to exchange it for that of another cat. So Mikey finds the nearest stray, drags it to the magic man and tells him to go through with the ritual. As Mike tries to rationalize why Klunk deserves to live and the stray deserves to die, he stumbles and says "nobody loves it," suddenly realizing that what he's doing is wrong. Now accepting that he's powerless to save Klunk's life, he bids farewell to his little kitty as he dies. Mikey later learns that the stray he encountered earlier was actually a female that Klunk had gotten pregnant—Mikey adopted one of the kittens as his new pet.


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