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Lieutenant Kleve is a member of the Utrom military who was preserved in stasis on Burnow Island. In his earlier appearances, he was often seen in the company of his subordinate, Corporal Montuoro.

He was one of the first Utroms to be awakened after Professor Honeycutt removed them from their stasis tubes, and was present when the corpse of Councilor Lorqa was found. He regarded the Turtles as possible enemies, and was deeply outraged when it was revealed that Colonel Ch'rell had not been awakened because he had been accused of war crimes, feeling that an Utrom hero was above reproach. Along with the other Utroms, he remained on Burnow Island.

When Krang was later sentenced for war crimes, Kleve and Montuoro were sent to fetch him to Burnow Island. However, Krang was killed by Leatherhead before they could fulfill their mission. Upon returning to Burnow Island, Kleve voiced his plans to revive Ch'rell and "finish what General Krang started."

Upon the arrival of the Triceratons on Burnow Island in Lost Causes, Kleve actively attacked them before Ma'riell ordered a cease-fire, even as he attempted to access and revive Ch'rell. During the peace negotiations, he was attacked by the Triceraton Drel and fought back, using his injuries as a method of sabotaging the negotiations. As a result, Donatello began monitoring Kleve's behavior. When Donnie realized three sniper rifles were missing from the armory, he confronted Kleve and tied him up, accusing him of plotting with co-conspirators to assassinate Commander Zom. Kleve scoffed at this scenario, claiming Triceratons are interchangeable targets. Donnie realized that the true target was Ma'riell, and quickly abandoned the tied-up Kleve to locate the would-be assassins. Donnie had a hunch there would be no other Utroms short-sighted enough to conspire in assassinating one of their own leaders, and was proven correct when Kleve's co-conspirator proved to be none other than Drel, who hated the prospect of peace between Utroms and Triceratons as much as Kleve did. Drel and another Triceraton, Tarsa, were positioned to kill Ma'riell, with Tarsa having been falsely informed that they were acting under Zom's orders. When Donnie told Tarsa that Zom did not order this, Tarsa reminded Drel of their oath of honor and obedience, and the dishonored Drel called off the mission, having no choice left but to turn himself in to Zom. Kleve's plot had been foiled, but when he managed to untie himself, he realized that every door on Burnow Island had been left unlocked, and with everyone else attending the ceremony, he proceeded directly to Ch'rell's stasis unit and immediately revived him. Montuoro, previously always seen alongside Kleve, did not appear in this story arc, though it was also mentioned that Ma'riell had already succeeded in rooting out every other Krang loyalist except Kleve.

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