Kenton's Dive Shop

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Archie continuity, Kenton's Dive Shop is a store in an unidentified coastal settlement somewhere in the Caribbean region, apparently within reasonable short travel by canoe from Mutani-isle. In The Mighty Mutanimals story The Cruel Sea, the discovery of a mortally wounded minke whale on a nearby beach, combined with a psychic vision of her last thoughts revealing she escaped a whaling ship's nets, fills Man Ray with grief and rage. He immediately sets out to stop the whalers, and convinces the other Mutanimals to join him. When they arrive in the town under cover of darkness, Ray reveals that, since they aren't able to buy what they need and they are hurrying to save more minke whales' lives, he plans to break into and burglarize Kenton's Dive Shop of some of its Zodiac rafts so the Mutanimals can make a speedy amphibious assault on the whaling ship. This troubles Ray's friends, and they have a debate about the ethics of stealing to save lives. Once adequately convinced, Screwloose uses his own nose as a lock pick, allowing Ray to enter the dive shop during closing hours and shoplift the rafts.


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