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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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In the IDW continuity, Kennel Klub is heavy metal nightclub located in New York City's Mutant Town. At Kennel Klub, clubbers can dance and drink in the presence of live musical performances by mutant metal bands such as After the Bomb, Bat Brains, Biospawn, The NYC Dogs, and Rabid. It is not considered a place for children.


In The Cure for You, Jennika becomes acquainted with Vincent, a mutant rabbit drummer whom she had caught making a dash over the Mutant Town wall to retrieve a pair of drumsticks for a performing gig with his band at Kennel Klub.

In TMNT #104, Mona Lisa invites Alopex, Sally Pride and the five Turtles to join her for a night out at Kennel Klub.



  • According to Sophie Campbell, Kennel Klub was named by Brahm Revel, writer of the story arc The Cure for You. What became Kennel Klub was originally two writers' different ideas for a music club in Mutant Town, one created by Campbell called "The Abattoir" for the main series story, and Revel's "Kennel Klub". When they realized they were both writing about music clubs, a decision was made to merge them into the same location called "Kennel Klub" in both stories.[1] Campbell's idea for the name, "The Abattoir", comes from the French word for "slaughterhouse." A remnant or nod to this name can be seen on Jennika's shirt when she heads to the concert.