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New York City


High School student
Leader of the Purple Dragons Tech Club


Purple Dragons

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Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

The Purple Jacket

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Tania Gunadi

Teachers and Students

Kendra is the group leader of the Purple Dragons Tech Club, and is also one of April O'Neil's classmates in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Physical Appearance

Kendra is a teenage girl with tan skin and lilac hair (presumably dyed) with bangs and cut down to her neck. She has black eyes, thin eyebrows, a beauty mark below her left eye, thick eyelashes and wears cyan lipstick.

Kendra wears a Purple Dragons jacket over a cyan top with back leggings that are cut over the knees and black flats. She also has three black ear piercings on her right ear and wears a red beret.


Kendra is the most convincing and scheming of the Purple Dragons Tech Club. After all, she is the group leader. However, she is willing to betray them for her own safety.


Kendra proved capable to hack through Donatello's equipment and even control his battle shell through Remote Microwave Encryption. She was able to turn his Bo staff into a Blaster Gun, possibly through her own modification.

She is brainy enough to lead a high-tech heist and ruthless enough to eliminate any obstacle on her way.



  • Jason: Kendra belittles him as the "low man on the totem pole" and it is implied that he's only part of the Purple Dragons because he's her step-brother.
  • Jeremy: Jeremy refers to her as "chief". However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.


  • April O'Neil: Kendra seems to have known April since Kindergarten. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.
  • Donatello: She refers to him as "Othello Von Ryan". They actually share the same sharp banter and relatively inflated ego. She even went as far as to blow him a kiss before flying off on a jet pack.


  • Kendra is named after TMNT 2012 writer, Kenny Byerly.
  • The different meanings of the name Kendra are:
    • Celtic - Gaelic meaning: Son of Henry
    • Welsh meaning: Chief hero; high hill
    • English meaning: Keen power, Water Baby, Magical
    • Old English meaning: bold power; Royal power


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