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"We know you're out there! If you don't surrender, we start executing hostages!"
— Karai drawing the Turtles out.

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Karai is the tertiary antagonist of the 2014 Paramount film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", but only in a supporting role, and her skills as a fighter are also considerably reduced in this representation. She is the missions leader of the Foot Clan and the Shredder's assistant.


Karai is a high ranking female member of the Foot Clan. Karai is the assistant to Shredder and is the one who leads the missions for the Foot Clan. She attempts to draw out the Turtles in the subway but is subsequently knocked into a wall. Karai assists the Shredder and Eric Sacks various times in the film and her final appearance is the during the battle on the mountains, when she is rammed into by Raphael, causing her jeep to flip and smash into a tree.

She returns in the sequel, once again as the Shredder's right-hand woman. She assists him throughout the film, acting as his assistant and bodyguard of sorts. She also works closely with the Shredder's other accomplice Baxter Stockman. After Shredder betrays Stockman, he leaves Karai to guard to the shield. April and Vern show up and fight with Karai until April finally knocks her out.

Behind the Scenes

Noji confirmed that her character appeared twice in the film's first trailer (released in March 2014),[1] and that Karai is an enemy of the Turtles.[2] Noji, who said she "knew the character backwards and forwards"[3] and described it as her "dream come true," also said she enjoyed the role because she has "always been magnetized to women who are strong women warriors — not necessarily physically, but as a spirit, as a soul, with inner strength."[4][5] Noji said the casting was "unique in that, because the project was so confidential, none of the actors were given the name of character or the sides ahead of time. However, since I’m a fan of the franchise, I was able to piece things together and quickly knew it was for the role of Karai. I was elated."[6]

It was reported there was a filmed but unused scene of a fight between April O'Neil, Vern Fenwick, Karai, and The Foot in downtown Manhattan that was cut from the finished film. Will Arnett, who played Vernon, said his character "comes out just at the right moment [and] hits Karai with the gurney and knocks her off balance a little bit. Then April kind of finishes her off."[7][8]


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  • This is the first live-action appearance of the character.
  • Unlike most of her past incarnations, Karai is not the adopted daughter of Shredder or in any way related to him.


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