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Karai's Path, part 4 is the main story published in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe issue 15.



Karai now has the sword, and she lays claim to Ocho as well, offering to find a way to let Ocho take on her natural form if she promises her loyalty.

They emerge from the cave (Koya with a small carving shaped like a bird) with the yokai mole in tow, and Bludgeon smells blood. Toshiro and Natsu are waiting for them near the dead bodies of Toru's assassins, whom they killed while Karai was still in the cave. Natsu reveals her grandfather's plan to Karai, and is shot in the shoulder by her as a way of making them "even."

Karai then declares that while she's no longer part of the Foot Clan, she believes her grandfather's plans in bringing order through iron control are still good. And to that end, she plans to start with Hayashi Toru and his organization, which Natsu accepts.

Back in Tokyo, Tour receives a threatening call from Karai and runs back into his house. He races into a safe room, and a powerful security force is mobilized to protect him... only for them to encounter Ocho, Koya and Bludgeon in the elevator, and be torn to shreds by the mutants and the yokai. Karai taunts Toru through his security system, right outside the safe room door.

When Toru claims that there's no way for her to get to him, she takes out the sword and carves open the door, then decapitates the yakuza. She rejoins her allies outside, saying that she's collected the data needed to assume control of his different businesses.

A few weeks later, Karai meets with yakuza bosses, with Toshiro and Natsu standing at her side. She declares that the solution to their power struggle is that she'll be in charge of all of them. When they refuse, she leaps forward with Koya, Bludgeon and Ocho to attack them. Afterwards, she says that she will establish a clan of her very own, bring order to Tokyo, and later return to New York.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Hayashi Toru's Security Detail (debut) (death)
  • Yakuza Bosses (debut) (death)