Kanabo are the species produced by Sh'Okanabo in Fast Forward. Gene seeds are implanted in another being (bird, human, rat, turtle, other aliens), and their mind is overtaken, becoming Sh'Okanabo's drones. The being's physical appearance also changes, with them growing spikes all over their body, their eyes turning red, their flesh turning purple, and in some cases, other physical mutations such as growth and posture change. Raphael was able to discover that sunlight returns someone infected by the Kanabo to normal.

When a Kanabo first gets infected it gets cravings for food (even food that is not normally part of the Kanabo's diet); secondly it starts barfing purple slime that infects other people with the condition. Thirdly their appearance change when they cocoon themselves and their skin changes along with appearance.

Temporarily Kanabo


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