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The Newtralizer
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The Newtralizer
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Grenade launcher
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"Rokka, rokka, rokka!"

K’Vathrak, coined by Donatello as The Newtralizer, was a Salamandrian bounty hunter that debuted in the 2012 TV series. He is an enemy of the Kraang, the Ninja Turtles, the Utroms and later also ally then enemy of Slash and an ally to Lord Dregg. He is an amalgam of characteristics of a rejected toy design for Playmates Toys by Ryan Brown and a character created by executive producer Ciro Nieli whilst in elementary school. Due to The Newtralizer's costume, he is likely a parody of Marvel's The Punisher with inspiration provided in part by Judge Dredd. The most obvious feature in this respect is the skull-like pattern on the Newtralizer's chest that resembles the emblem on the chest of the Punisher's costume. (See also "The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones "for a similar homage/parody)


The Newtralizer is a heavily armored, alien fire belly newt. He is primarily black, with an orange underbelly. The coloration of his underbelly forms a skull pattern. The Newtralizer is very muscular and bulky, easily dwarfing the Turtles in combat. He appears to be very intelligent, capable of using Kraang equipment and weaponry without issues.

His armor set includes a belt, a pair of shoulder plates (the right plate is far larger than the left), two straps that connect the belt and shoulder plates, a pair of armored bracelets, a pair of leg holsters with pouches and ammo types attached to them, and a pair of axe blades attached to his tail. He also wears a backpack with an antenna sticking out. It is likely a radio, but its exact purpose is unknown. He also carries three Kraang tentacles as trophies tied to his belt.


K'Vathrak is a Salamandrian war criminal who became an associate of the villainous Lord Dregg sometime before the series. He was captured by the Kraang after considerable effort and imprisoned in a secret prison facility on Earth because he had a tendency to devour every living thing he met - including the Kraang. When Donnie made an attempt to free Kirby O'Neil, Newtralizer was also accidentally freed and continued his hunt to eradicate the Kraang

Eventually Newtralizer raided a Kraang facility and ​​on this occasion made an acquaintance of the mutant Slash. After they had joined forces Newtrailizer talked to his new partner in the human's language and Slash accompanied him on his hunt for the aliens. However, Newtralizer's thuggery, regardless of the consequences against the innocent people in the area, led to this team to very quickly fall apart.

Operation: Break Out

The Newtralizer's first appearance in the series is in Operation: Break Out, as a prisoner of the Kraang. Donatello inadvertently releases him from his cell when he picks the lock to a secret Kraang lab, and he promptly goes on a rampage. The turtles ultimately manage to defeat him, but he survives and escapes from the lab.

Metalhead Rewired

Newtralizer's next appearance is in Metalhead Rewired as one of the detained mutants in the Kraang prison. After Metalhead frees all of the mutants, he escapes from Kraang captivity once again.


The Newtralizer returns and teams up with Slash against Raph and Casey. It is shown that he had helped Slash escape from a Kraang prison, which is what lead to them working together. Newtralizer and Slash viciously assault numerous groups of Kraang and steal their supplies to create teleportation devices. Newtralizer then plots to take control of the Kraang's newest weapon to destroy them and anybody who gets in his way. He is able to get a hold of it and destroys the Kraang in the area and attempts to use it on the Turtles. Casey arrives and launches a puck with a bomb strapped to it into it. Despite the damage sustained to the teleportation device, Newtralizer is able to escape. Once the Turtles leave, the Newtralizer suddenly teleports back, infused with energy as if he has become stronger.

When Worlds Collide

The Newtralizer is revealed to be alive and more powerful than ever. He's been hunting and destroying Utroms on Earth and Dimension X wanting to know where Bishop is so he could destroy him and then the Utrom High Council. According to Sal Commander, Newtralizer is the one who took his left eye in the past. After Mona Lisa (2 and Sal Commander arrive Earth, they're captured by Bishop and the EPF but they freed them after realizing they're also there to stop K'Vathrak (Newtralizer's real name). At a power substation, Leonardo, Karai, April and Donatello watch the Newtralizer absorbing electricity and decide to attack him while he's charging up but the salamandrian dodges the attacks and starts attacking them with electrical spears but April manages to weaken him by firing water from a pipe using her telekinesis but K'Vathrak will be back for all of them before he teleports away. Bishop attracts K'Vathrak to where he is and then Raphael, Michelangelo, the EPF, Bishop and the salamandrians start fighting him but the rogue salamandrian knocks them all out and nearly eats Bishop but Leo, Donnie, Karai and April arrive and save Bishop from being eaten. K'Vathrak tries to fry them all at once by creating an electric ball but before he fires the ball, Bishop throws a portal to the ground that leads to the Utrom Council and they all jump into the portal before they get hit by the electric ball. Newtralizer teleports to the Utrom Council and destroys Queen's Miss Campbell body, decapitates Rook and nearly eats Pawn. Bishop throws a portal that lands behind K'Vathrak and Sal Commander pushes him through it, back to New York City. April manages to make him stop using her psychic powers to control water like she did earlier but the Newtralizer teleports away from them and yells that they can't stop the electricity. He absorbs more electricity and starts shooting electrical beams as he laughs evilly and one of beams hits and desintegrates Mikey, much to his friends' horror. Full of anger, fury and grief, Raph uses the electrical dampening cannon that Rook created and tries to take K'Vathrak's electric powers away but eletromagnetic interference saves him. Who did was none other than Lord Dregg, who the Turtles thought to be dead after he was injected into space by the Triceratons and who followed Mona Lisa and Sal Commander to Earth. Now Lord Dregg can have his revenge on both the Turtles and Salamandrians, his ship starts shooting Vreen eggs through the whole city and Vreen start rising, flying and taking people captive so Dregg can make them into living egg sacs for his Vreen army. The Vreen take Leo and Sal Commander to Dregg's ship. K'Vathrak and Lord Dregg reunite as being old friends and the latter asks to the former to bring the rest of the Turtles and Mona Lisa. When Newtralizer appears, Bishop uses Rook's weapon to take K'Vathrak's powers away but the cannon doesn't work on him anymore. The group try to fight him but K'Vathrak keeps using his teleportation to dodge everyone's moves. Suddenly, electricity beams start forming a figure and Michelangelo reappears, still alive and with new electrical powers, but despite his aid, Karai and Donnie are taken to Dregg's ship. While Bishop, Mona, April and Raph distract Dregg with the Turtle Mech, Mikey enters Dregg's ship through the back but Newtralizer catches him and they start battling. After Bishop, Raph, April and Mona enter Dregg's ship and are caught by him, K'Vathrak is thrown and lands on Dregg because of Mikey, who frees his brothers and allies. Mikey, Sal Commander and K'Vathrak end falling into the ship's power station while the others fight Dregg and his Vreen. Mikey and K'Vathrak engage into a electrical-powered battle but K'Vathrak gets the upper hand and tries to destroy Mikey but Sal Commander hits K'Vathrak with his tail, causing him to fall into the ship's core, setting off a chain reaction that causes Newtralizer to overload the power core with his own electrical abilities, threatening to destroy the ship, and everyone on it. Mikey puts himself in harm's way with his powers to try and delay the inevitable to give everyone else time to abandon ship. The rest of the gang escapes from Dregg's ship and land on Channel 6 building's rooftop. The ship explodes, likely killing Lord Dregg and K'Vathrak though Mikey manages to escape alive thanks to his new powers, much to the group's relief.


In Operation Breakout, the Newtralizer was shown to be very resentful to the Kraang due to being imprisoned and tortured, heavily aggressive, attacked anything on sight, and a mute. In Newtralized his personality was fleshed out more, dropping the mute quality, and also expanding on his deep hatred of the Kraang, showing that he cares little for anything, or anyone that gets in his way of destroying them, even innocent people. This hatred of the Kraang, also extends to their mother species Utrom in that he wishes to destroy all of them as well, not believing in a good version of the species.

Powers and Abilities

Like most aliens in the series, he has high intelligence, enough to efficiently operate advanced weaponry, and to quickly adapt to changing combat events. Despite his intelligence, only with the help of a universal translator was he able to speak the human's language to communicate sufficiently with Slash. His weapons include lasers, missiles, sawblades, exploding mines, and he also has blades attached to his tail. The Newtralizer is capable of constricting a foe with his tail, and able to eat a Kraang, minus the armor, whole. He possesses incredible strength and speed. He is also shown to be quite durable, having an extremely high resistance to physical damage with or without his armor, as he was able withstand attacks from numerous Kraang lasers, Leo's katana, Raph's sai, even after getting crushed by Mikey attempting to drive a car, he still survived without any visible dents, bruises, scratches or an injury of any kind. He probably also benefits from an enhanced regenerative ability that helps him to shake off any internal injuries and injury trauma.

Electrokinesis: Following his first defeat at the hands of the turtles and Casey, Newtralizer gained the ability to generate and throw large and powerful lightning bolts.


  • "Destruction of the Kraang!"
  • "Slash! We have what we came for."
  • "Remember the day we met? The vow?"
  • "I had to help you. These are the most insidious aliens from the 10 dimensions."
  • "At any cost. Right, brother?"
  • "I'm not people."
  • "Slash! How could you, brother?!"
  • "Rakka Rakka!!!"
  • "Why should I care?"
  • "This is my battle! I don't need them!"
  • "First we find Kraang communications, and then we blow this place to rakka, rakka, rakka, roka, rakka!"
  • "Turtles, it's been a long time, rakka rakka! I owe you, for this new power you've given me! Here, let me thank you!"
  • "Turtle. (Mikey gets up using his eletrical powers) Your power is weak compared to mine, rakka rakka!"


The "ORIGINAL" Newtralizer.

  • The pattern on his chest resembles a skull.
  • The Newtralizer is capable of fitting a whole Kraang in his mouth.
  • His boomerang resembles a Predator smart-disc.
  • Ryan Brown created a design for an action figure of a character named The Newtralizer for the original toy line, which was rejected.[1] This version represents him as a cyborg. The two characters are completely unrelated other than their name/species and hatred for Kraang/Krang.
  • He is the first Salamandrian to appear in the series.
  • Donatello gave him the name "Newtralizer", but asked Kirby O'Neil not to mention it when Mikey's around, as he prefers to name their foes, which Kirby indirectly revealed.
    • However, by the episode Newtralized!, Mikey convinced himself that he was the one who named him.
  • As shown in Newtralized!, the Newtralizer needs a translator to speak English.
  • Newtralizer is 10 feet tall, the average height of a Triceraton, the alien species who are the primary enemy of his race, the Salamandrians.