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Raphael outside the Jones home


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In the IDW continuity, the house of the Jones family is a townhouse in New York City where Casey Jones originally lived with his mother and father. It was generally a happy home until Casey's mother died of cancer, after which his father, Arnold Jones, became an increasingly angry and violent alcoholic who would frequently assault Casey when they were both in the house.

The house is first seen in Change is Constant, part 1, when the then-homeless Raphael overhears one of Arnold's fits of violence, and breaks through the front door to protect Casey—this is how Raph and Casey first meet.

In Sins of the Fathers, after Arnold's latest assault against Casey in the Casey Jones one-shot issue, Raphael again breaks into the house in a fit of rage (while Casey is not home) to punish Arnold for his abusiveness, but Raph's father Splinter arrives and manages to calm his own son's rage and teach him a very unsettling lesson in anger management. With Raph calmed down and Arnold's life spared, Raph and Splinter agree that Casey should not live in the house with Arnold anymore; Raph collects Casey's belongings in a bag and Raph and Splinter leave the house together.

Arnold continues to live at this house at least until the Hun one-shot issue when the Foot Clan recruit him and he reclaims "Hun" as his primary personal identity. The house itself is not shown after this, its status and occupancy unknown.

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