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In the Mirage's continuity, the basement apartment of the Jones' apartment building is a studio apartment and the smallest of the Brooklyn-based building's dwellings. It has direct access to the New York City sewer. The turtles live here temporarily, making it one of their lairs.


In "City at War", the mother of Casey Jones owns the building and is the landlady of its tenants. Planning to retire and move to Florida, she sells the building to April O'Neil who has recently moved back to New York from Los Angeles. Before the sale is finalized, April lives in the studio apartment in the basement. When Casey returns with his stepdaughter Shadow from Colorado, he reunites with April in this apartment.

In Volume 2, April, Casey and Shadow have moved in together into the Jones Apartment on the building's top floor, and they have allowed Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo to live secretly in the basement apartment. But its living conditions are cramped, and Raph moves out to look for a new place to live. Leo and Mikey soon discover a new sewer lair of their own, where Splinter and all four turtles move to after the end of Volume 2.

In Image's continuity volume 3 which branches off from the Mirage's TMNT continuity (but since declared non-canon by Peter Laird), Michelangelo remains and it and becomes his personal apartment.


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