Jones Farm in winter.


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The Jones Farm is a fictional rural property outside Northampton, Massachusetts. It is one of the primary locations of stories in the Mirage TMNT continuity.


The Jones Farm is located in the woods outside of Northampton and has the classic structure and atmosphere of a farm from the New England region. It has two main buildings: the family house and a large barn, together with a smaller shed and a windmill.


This history relies on The Mirage Comics continuity timeline.

The farm was originally owned by the grandparents of Casey Jones. Over the years it gradually became run down, the farm fell more and more into disrepair after grandmother Jones died in 1983 and the rest of the Jones family had moved to New York City. In the city, Casey met and befriended Raphael. When Oroku Saki (a.k.a. The Shredder) proved to be still alive and launched a surprise Foot Clan attack on the Second Time Around building where Hamato Splinter and his turtle sons were living with April O'Neil, Casey intervened to rescue the group, fleeing the city as April's home burned down behind them, and brought them to the uninhabited Jones Farm to give them a place to hide.

The farm was barely habitable at that point, but Donatello crafted a wind turbine and homemade water wheel to provide the farm with running water and electricity, and a wood-fired heater would heat the home. With the farm once again habitable, the group lived there as an improvised family unit for over a year, until Return to New York, Book One, when Raphael unilaterally ended the family's isolation by traveling back to New York to fight against the Foot Clan. Raph's brothers followed and joined him, and the Shredder would soon die by Leonardo's hand in Return to New York, Book Three. With the Foot no longer a threat to their survival, Splinter and the turtles moved back to New York where they established a second lair in the sewers.

The group would later return to living at the farm, where they would remain until City at War, Part 1 of 13. At this time, April, Casey and Splinter parted ways, and the turtles boarded up the farmhouse and once again returned to New York to eke out an existence without their master or their human friends. They would reunite at the farm in City At War, Part 13 of 13.

When volume 2 starts after the events of the City at War, the farm is empty, with Splinter and Donatello living in a cave in the nearby wilderness where Donatello's broken leg is healing, while the rest of their family lives in New York. Father and son soon part ways, and Don lives alone for a time in the farmhouse. After the end of volume 2, father and son would return to New York to live in the third lair Leonardo and Michelangelo had found.

In the events of Darkness Weaves, 13-year-old Shadow Jones earned the vendetta of Lilith's Sisterhood, forcing her to flee the city. Splinter accompanied her to go live on the farm as the rest of the family remained in the city. Splinter and Shadow would live here until volume 4, by which time Stainless Steel Steve and Metal Head were also living with them. Splinter would later die of a heart attack in this house, after which 17-year-old Shadow moved back to New York to live with Casey and April.

Unlike many other homes the turtles have had, the farm was not destroyed in a catastrophic event, but decayed naturally over the course of time. By the events of Swan Song, the farm was abandoned and in an advanced natural state of dilapidation.


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