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In the IDW continuity, Agent John Bishop (full name Jonathan W. Bishop) was the commander of the Earth Protection Force. He was paranoid about both mutants and aliens, believing they all pose an immediate existential threat to humanity, and was determined to eradicate them all without any consideration for losses and without any compromise.


John Bishop was born to Wayne and Marie Bishop in 1968 at the Las Vegas General Hospital. His mother had gone into labour prematurely, and he was not expected to make it through the night. His father took him from the hospital and submitted him to an unknown procedure that saved his life. From a young age he was extremely intelligent, but his body was stunted and deformed.

In the 21st century, Agent Bishop appears for the first time when he meets Wesley Knight and Alex Winter near Burnow Island to learn more about the Mutanimals that Winter had been observing on behalf of Dark Water. His father, and what he found in his youth as the founder of the E.P.F., is the primary reason for Agent Bishop's main motive for his fanatical hatred of all mutants.

In the weeks that followed, Agent Bishop continued surveilling the mutants of New York through Dark Water. This involvement came to a head when the E.P.F. surrounded the TCRI building in order to capture the mutant Zodi, leading to a siege in which the Turtles struggled to escape capture. While the Turtles were ultimately triumphant, Agent Bishop considered the battle a valuable display of what his enemies were capable of.

He gained a valuable asset in the Desperate Measures arc, when the E.P.F. captured Slash and turned him into a controllable weapon. Using Slash, he successfully captured all of the Mutanimals except Hob, intending to also control them through implanted brain nodes. Hob responded by kidnapping Agent Bishop's elderly father and Wesley Knight's wife Pam, threatening them with death if his friends were not relinquished.

Bishop refused to negotiate with the mutants, but Knight and Alex Winter chose to end Dark Water's association with him, freeing the Mutanimals and turning Agent Bishop over to them. However, Agent Bishop then murdered his own father, viewing him as nothing but a hollow shell of what he had once been. It was also revealed that he now appeared to be a cyborg with a metal skull and fully mechanical hands.

Bishop and the E.P.F. learned of the impending Triceraton invasion shortly after the Turtles' sojourn in Dimension X, and were waiting in a New York street for the aliens' arrival. While Agent Bishop pretended to be friendly at first, he soon revealed his true colors and a massive battle broke out between the Triceratons and the EPF. He was captured by the Foot Clan shortly thereafter, and Splinter offered him a temporary alliance in order to neutralize the threat.

In order to effectively fight against the Triceratons, Agent Bishop asked Senator Robert Lawson for the money and manpower required. Lawson agreed to give him whatever he needed, allowing for martial law to be declared over New York. Agent Bishop himself took part in the battle, using Slash as his weapon, and was angry and dismayed when the Triceratons were teleported away.

To find out where they had gone, he ordered Detective Kara Lewis to bring Baxter Stockman to him, and obtained the current whereabouts of the aliens. Having learned that they were on Burnow Island, Agent Bishop led a contingent of troops to invade the island. He was attacked by the Turtles and the Mutanimals while breaching the island's defenses in an attempt to free Slash from under his control. Hob blasted off Agent Bishop's head, only for his true appearance to be revealed in his robot chassis. He blasted off the island, after revealing that Slash had a nuclear bomb implanted in his body.

Sometime later, he ordered the E. P. F. to capture Raphael, run horrific experiments on him, and then dissect him for study. When Raphael awoke and broke loose from his confinement, Agent Bishop nearly came to blows with the Turtle, but an explosion in the facility damaged his exo-suit and allowed Raphael to escape.

The headquarters was upside down, but the damage was only superficial. Dr. Shelvin soon completed a new body for Bishop, who was already looking for a replacement for his weapon, Slash. Disgusted with sacrificing him in vain, Burnow Island was still above the sea and his mutant enemies were still alive. He may have thought of using Leatherhead, which he had been keeping an eye on for some time now. At the same time, the base was being assaulted again. Metalhead came to offer him an alliance. Soon held in play by the soldiers of the ETH, Bishop thanked them from the room to learn more about what the robot had to offer. They made a deal. Bishop provided him with all the technology the robot wanted for its maintenance, using Area 51, and in exchange he eradicated for good the turtles and mutants of the city.

This alliance allowed Bishop to get his hands on the turtles in Harold Lillja's laboratory, while Jennika was seriously injured. The assault was started by Metalhead, from the rooftops. The ETH soldiers attacked from the ground, sowing panic and destroying the ooze tube that would allow Splinter's chunin to recover from her wounds, forcing the turtles to retreat. Bishop took advantage of the desperate situation of his opponents' camp to recruit Arnold Jones, who regretted that the appearance of Jennika, who had become a mutant, did not matter to his son. He was offered to control one of the two clones of Slash, made from the DNA of the now extinct turtle. On the night of Stockman's inauguration, the ETH was alerted to Old Hob's attack on the street, which turned some of the scientist's voters into mutants. Bishop and his new associate tried, in vain, to eradicate the terrorist and his associates.

Lillja and Meitner had to build a new portal for the ETH ,under the gaze of Metalhead, suspicious. When the turtles arrived to deliver their friends, Donatello played on the basic psychology of the robot to finally overcome it and disable it. The sounds of battle attracted Bishop and his men, once again forcing the turtles to flee through the gate. This time, Leonardo had a plan, and headed for the Foot Clandi strict, thus drawing the soldiers to Karai to defeat her. His brothers went to deliver Splinter and the orphans during this time. Soon, Leonardo had to confront the soldiers, Hun, Bishop and the two clones, joined by Bebop, Rocksteady and the Foot ninjas. After slicing both Bishop's arms again, the turtle discovered that the officer's robotic envelope had been updated to deal with this type of situation. Bishop now had cannons in his arms, sending large electric shocks. Put on the mat, Leonardo was saved by Raphael, who threw himself on the robot and failed to kill his pilot with his sai. His brother prevented him in time to avoid the worst.

But the agent had not said his last word. He tried to kill Casey, who was rising up against his father's actions. The latter intervened, not wanting his son to be injured and received a lethal discharge. At the same time, Bishop played Leonardo to deal him the fatal blow. At the same time, the last of Slash's two clones had snippets of memory of the original turtle, and jumped on Bishop to kill him. The agent was crushed along with the rest of his robotic body.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, creature... But the Earth Protection Force does not negotiate with mutants... Ever.

Protecting humanity from an existential threat. No matter the cost.

To fight monsters, we must become like them. To protect and to lead does not come without difficult choices and sacrifice.

Your friends are doomed, mutant. As is everyone on this contaminated island.

Stare all you want, mutants. Marvel at the true reality of what I am. It will be the last thing you ever see. But if you think for one second that you see a monster, you are mistaken—Because the monsters are you. Despite my appearance, I am still human. Still your better. Something my father understood from the very first time he laid his eyes upon me. He'd seen the real monsters and knew my life—all human life—was worth preserving, if only to ensure our race could defend itself against the unearthly invaders. You look at me and see horror. But my father saw hope. He was truly a man ahead of his time... I am living proof of that fact. And you... You are expendable, just like all your pathetic ilk. And as for the Slash creature, even now, deep inside, it carries my most lethal weapon. Sometimes all that remains to ensure victory for the righteous... Is the nuclear option.

I'm not going to lie—it hurts sometimes... Being this way. But the thing is, I also know it's not all I am. I'm smart. I'm powerful. And with abominations like this thing running loose on our world, I'm needed. Just like you. Just like my dad. Just like that jerk Colbert. The sum's greater than its parts—My dad's right bout that. I may be a freak, but coming to this room always reminds me that I'm still a human... And that humankind is in danger. Somebody has to save us, doctor. All of us. Somebody has to stop the real monsters.

I always learn from my mistakes! Lessons taught to me by my father. Adapt. Overcome. And never stop upgrading.

They're abominations, One and all, and they must be stopped. It's like my father always used to say... there's more than one way to skin a monstrosity.

What do you disgusting things know about family? Family is a father who loves and accepts his son no matter what others say. Not a lowly rat who abandons his children... leaving them to their pitiful deaths.

The only thing worse than these monsters is a human traitor. Unfaithful to his own kind and shamefully disloyal to his own father.



  • This is the second version of Agent Bishop whose visible body is revealed to actually be an exo-suit his much smaller self is piloting, after the 2012 TV series version who reveals himself as an Utrom.