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In the IDW continuity, the exo-suit of Agent Jonathan Bishop is a piece of technology developed by Doctor Yuhasz of the Earth Protection Force at their Area 51 base using Utrom technology recovered from the Roswell crash site. It is an android body with a concealed chest cavity large enough for the real John Bishop, a little person of extremely diminutive size. At the request of John's father Wayne Bishop, John's exo-suit was skinned in Wayne's own likeness—John himself actually having a different face.

The exo-suit was the only view readers saw of John Bishop seen until Battle Lines, part 3, when during the E.P.F. battle on Burnow Island, Old Hob decapitated Bishop only for the latter to open his chest cavity and reveal his true nature. Bishop's cockpit ejected as an escape pod and flew to safety, abandoning his wrecked exo-suit.

As of the Raphael Macro-Series issue, Bishop already has a new exo-suit of apparently the same design as before.


  • The reveal of Bishop as an exo-suit pilot after decapitation is a nod to a similar reveal in the 2003 TV series, when the Shredder was decapitated by Leonardo, but the Shredder was discovered to be an Utrom named Ch'rell. Coincidentally, the IDW version of Ch'rell was leading the combined Utrom-Triceraton defense force to repel Bishop's invasion.


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