Job Security is a two-part story arc printed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures issues #7 and #8.


Part 1

Job Security, Part 1



Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo are facing off against Rahzar (Chris Bradford), Fishface (Xever Montes), Bebop (Anton Zeck), Rocksteady (Ivan Steranko) and some Foot-Bots on a building rooftop. Rocksteady and Rahzar surround Donnie in a pincer attack, but he uses his to pole-vault away just in time for the two foes to collide into one another. Donnie then summons Mikey for a "turtle wrecking ball," a cooperative attack where Mikey holds onto Donnie's bō and Donnie swings Mikey into Rocksteady and Rahzar. Mikey gives a battle cry, but ends up saying "pizza gyōza" instead of "booyakasha" because of his hunger. Meanwhile, Fishface, Bebop and some Foot-Bots surround Leo and Raph. Bebop fires his blasters at the turtles, but the turtles leap and dodge them, and the shots instead hit Fishface and the Foot-Bots, incapacitating them. Leo and Raph then easily defeat the now-outnumbered Bebop, and all four foes are thrown off the rooftop in defeat.

Back at Foot Headquarters, the Shredder is furious that his four subordinates have faced another humiliating defeat, and threatens to purge all of them as dead weight unless they can prove their value.

Afterward, Bradford summons "Fishface" to talk with him. Xever bristles at being called this name, and envies Bradford's cooler-sounding name "Rahzar." Bradford points out that the two of them were truly formidable when they were still humans, but have now become no better than goons like Bebop and Rocksteady. Bradford and Xever hate each other, but agree to work together to come up with a new plan to capture the turtles, hopefully forcing Zeck and Steranko into retirement in the process.

Elsewhere, Steranko summons "Bebop" to talk with him. Bebop bristles at being called this name, but Steranko doesn't wish to be called "Rocksteady" by himself. Zeck and Steranko have come to loathe being the Shredder's subordinates, and recall how Rahzar and Fishface helped force them into this servitude. Zeck and Steranko (correctly) suspect that Bradford and Xever are plotting behind their backs to elevate their own status and get them purged, so Zeck and Steranko decide to come up with a plan to capture the turtles.

The next night, Steranko is helping Zeck attach many devices to the inside surfaces of a warehouse to prepare a trap for the turtles. Steranko wonders why Zeck would want to kill the turtles with explosives, pointing out that if they present the turtles' exploded bodily remains to the Shredder, Rahzar and Fishface might try to discredit them by claiming they are trying to defraud Shredder with canned hash. Zeck reveals that the devices are actually "dub-stomp" mines of his own design, which can incapacitate the turtles without harming or killing them; this way, four living turtles can be presented to the Shredder as irrefutable proof of Zeck and Steranko's value.

Meanwhile, in another building, Bradford has talked Xever into setting up cage traps (the same used in Vengeance is Mine), so they could lure the turtles using fake Foot-Bot decoys. Xever is still skeptical of the plan, and Bradford reminds him he can also bite the turtle to poison them, but Xever does not want to bite one of the turtles again because they taste like sewer.

Bradford and Xever sneak out of their building into the alley, only to run into Zeck and Steranko also prowling in the same alley and trying to crawl into a dumpster. Xever asks Zeck and Steranko what their business is, and Zeck and Steranko feign to have been dumpster-diving. Bradford and Xever don't believe Zeck and Steranko, and start attacking them. Zeck crawls out of the dumpster just in time for Steranko to throw the entire unit in Bradford and Xever's direction, managing to strike Bradford, but leaving Xever free to attack. Zeck throws a mohawk blade that Xever swiftly dodges, but it strikes the side of the building Zeck and Steranko just came out of. The impact creates a large hole in the brick wall, and the four minions quickly realize they can see the turtles are already inside the building—and the turtles can see them as well, thus ruining everyone's element of surprise. The turtles charge their four foes, but the dub-stomp mines emanate shockwaves that knock all eight people through the wall of the other building.

When Bradford, Xever, Zeck and Steranko all come to their senses, they realize that all four turtles have been ensnared in Bradford's cage traps—they have captured the turtles.

Part Two

Job Security - Part Two



Xever Montes (Fishface), Chris Bradford (Rahzar), Anton Zeck (Bebop) and Ivan Steranko (Rocksteady) are all reveling in their capture of the four turtles. It even appears that the bitter rivals are ready to set aside their differences and tell the Shredder that it was a team effort by all four minions. Donatello has an idea, and reminds his captors to give proper credit for the acoustic mines. Zeck claims credit for this, provoking an annoyed look from Xever. Raphael picks up on Donnie's plan, and adds that someone deserves credit for the cage traps too. Bradford claims credit for this, and Xever interjects that the Foot Bot decays were his and Bradford's idea. Steranko angrily protests, insisting that the Foot Bots were his and Zeck's plan. Zeck asserts that none of the operation could have been possible without his mines. The two duos of minions immediately break into open argument over this, accusing the other duo of trying to steal credit for their victory. Michelangelo tries to point out that both duos had the Foot Bot idea, but Raph shushes him. By now, the four minions are beginning to brawl each other.

Donnie bets Raph a pizza that he can make the minions' dispute even worse, and Raph accepts. Donnie speaks to Bebop, reminding him that his outfit is full of hidden weapons, prompting Zeck to pummel Bradford with his blaster.

As Steranko quickly outmatches Xever, Raph raises Donnie's bet to an extra large pizza, and tells Fishface to fight less with his arms and more with his robotic legs, prompting Xever to turn the tables on Steranko with a well-placed kick.

Mikey decides he wants in on his brothers' bet, and reminds Rahzar he has had two nicknames and that the Shredder personally trained him. Apparently remotivated, Bradford lunges toward Zeck, putting the latter on the defensive. Zeck quickly throws a mohawk boomerang which misses Bradford entirely.

Leonardo is not committed to this strategy, but Steranko quickly loses patience and demands Leo offer a pep talk. Feebly improvising, Leo reminds Rocksteady he has two weapons, because "two is better than one." Steranko is satisfied with this and rushes into the fray just as Zeck's stray mohawk boomerang slices open the top of Leo's cage, allowing him to escape as his captors are fully distracted. Leo wastes no time freeing Donnie, Raph and Mikey from their cages, and the minions soon find themselves ambushed by the attacks of four free turtles.

Bradford, Xever, Steranko and Zeck gather at the hole in the brick wall, effectively defeated by the turtles in this battle. But a the room quickly fills with smoke as someone has just thrown in a smoke grenade. Before the smoke can clear, the minions are already speeding off inside a van.

Disappointed their enemies have escaped, Mikey asks which of them won the bet. Raph says they all won, but impishly claims this is Mikey's treat. Donnie criticizes Leo's logic in the pep talk he gave Rocksteady, but Leo rhetorically asks Donnie how many bō staffs he's gone through.

The van is being driven by Tiger Claw, who rescued his fellow minions—he had overheard them plotting against each other, and preemptively prepared to rescue them in case they did something foolish. Zeck frets that the Shredder will learn about their quarrel, but Tiger Claw promises his silence, reminding the others that they are all fellow soldiers, none of which may have any ambitions but to serve the Shredder.

The four rescued minions agree to this. They hate each other, but they hate the turtles more, and the four of them make a pact that the turtles must die.


  • This story reveals that Anton Zeck is the inventor of his own technology, a detail which the 2012 TV series has never clarified.


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