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Joan Grody is a recurring character from the 2012 TV series. She is the hostess of a TV show called Grody to the Max.


She first appears in "It Came From The Depths" when she reports on a dangerous mutant in the sewers who later turns out to be Leatherhead.

In Of Rats and Men, she is seen covering the giant rat invasion in the New York city, and the turtles became aware of the situation through her news program.

In "The Noxious Avenger", she first appears reporting the news story about the new superhero mutant Muckman after overhearing from some people who witnessed him saving a victim from the Purple Dragons who attempted to mug him. She, alongside fans and the paparazzi, attempt to chase him down into a alley after they spot him on the streets. she also manages to catch a glimpse of the turtles as they attempt to escape by using a Ninja Smoke Bomb as a distraction which fails and reports it on TV afterwards which enrages Splinter who grounds his sons for being exposed. She and her cameraman who the Turtles and Muckman spot after defeating Bebop and Rocksteady then search and investigate the warehouse nearby. Muckman the distracts her while the Turtles escape and debunks the rumors about them existing which she then reports afterwards.


  • The phrase "grody to the max" is a 1980s slang term meaning "totally disgusting".
  • Joan Grody seems to enjoy using alliterations, such as 'Are malicious mutants menacing Manhattan?'
  • Her design seems to be based on Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.


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