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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals issue 1

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Jillian Amante is a scientist and mutagen researcher working for Madame Null at Null Group's Null Mutagen Laboratory. She is also Lindsey Baker's ex-girlfriend.

She arranged the kidnapping of Lindsey and Pete one evening, claiming that she simply wanted to show her ex-girlfriend her new lab and offer her a job. She revealed that Null was now in the business of producing mutants, and that she needed Lindsey's help in creating the ultimate mutant, having failed repeatedly to produce viable results.

After Old Hob destroyed her lab, Jillian brought Lindsey to meet Null, attempting to convince her ex-girlfriend to take the job with the corporation. However, after Null made it clear she had no choice in the matter, it became evident to Lindsey that Jillian was also trapped, and had had her kidnapped because she was hoping that Lindsey would help her escape her current predicament.

She was initially pleased when Seymour Gutz returned to the lab, claiming that his suit had been damaged and was killing him. But before she could examine him, Seymour revealed that he had set himself up to explode, in hopes of taking the cruel scientists with him.

After the explosion was averted, Jillian was ordered to wipe the research and information on mutants, and then gave Lindsey all the information on their animal testing. In response, Lindsey then punched Jillian and tied her with a cord, leaving her to face the consequences when the Null guards arrived.


  • Jillian surname, Amante, means "lover" in various languages with roots in Latin.
  • Jillian Amante along with her ex-girlfriend Lindsey Baker are some of the first confirmed LGBT characters in any official TMNT universe that are recurring characters and not merely bit characters. They are also the first human non-bit characters that have been confirmed to be LGBT, but they are not the first non-human LGBT non-bit characters. Soowiiksa/E'ro'chk, who was first introduced in Mirage TMNT Volume 4 Issue 32 (February 2006), was revealed to be lesbian in Issue 32 (May 2014). Jillian was not introduced until 2015.


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