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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Mirage TMNT continuity, Jhanna is an alien warrior from the planet Slandon whose population is predisposed warlike and governed apparently matriarchal. Her spaceship crashed landed on Earth near the turtles' camping site near Northampton, Massachusetts. Her encounter with the turtles started when the giant robot she piloted attacked the turtles. After the turtles tore it open they found unconscious.

When she awoke she attacked the turtles assuming they were her rival Moriah's underlings. A power-hungry and ruthless tyrant, who had long oppressed her people and did not give up her position of power. She tried to attack Donatello, only for Leonardo to calm everyone down before the violence escalated and after clearing things up Jhanna explains her tale to the turtles. She explained that she was chosen to be the leader of her home planet as she had already won the election via a vote on her homeworld. Though tradition dictates that she must best the present ruler in fair battle to assume the throne. Such a struggle was to take place at a specified place. However, while Jhanna was traveling to the predetermined planet to do battle, Moriah ambushed her ship. If Moriah is able to kill Jhanna, the evil queen will be allowed to maintain her position, so Moriah is cheating in the attempt to maintain her crown.

Shortly after explaining her situation, Moriah arrives on Earth with quite a few deadly allies to help her win the fight. After an extended battle, the turtles take out the horde of strange henchmen and Jhanna finally defeats her foe in hand to hand combat. Rather than killing Moriah, Jhanna brands her face and stalks off. Her marker staff transmitted her defeat back home.

After the battle Jhanna spends the evening with Turtles camping out under the stars, and in the early morning a rescue ship arrives for Jhanna. Before she departed in order to obtain confirmation of her election and the turtles awake, Jhanna cuts off her warriors braid and left it for Donatello whose concern for her life had stirred her, as a memento to him.