Professor Moriarty
Biographical information

England, UK, Earth


Genius-level intellect


College professor
Professional Criminal

Physical description




Out of universe information

1987 TV series

First appearance

Elementary, My Dear Turtle

Created by

Sir Conan Arthur Doyle

Voiced by

Hal Rayle

Teachers and Students
Professor Moriarty is a fictional character originally appearing in books written by UK 19th century writer Arthur Conan Doyle, later also made into films and TV series. He appears in the 1987 animated series episode Elementary, My Dear Turtle where the Turtles accidentally travel in time back to late-19th century UK.

Professor Moriarty happened to be waiting in the very observatory they materialized in, and stole the atomic clock that had brought them there. He managed to elude both the Turtles and his nemesis Sherlock Holmes, making his way to Oxford and adding the atomic clock as the final piece of his time machine.

With this time machine, he managed to make himself emperor of the world in the future, wrecking the timeline and changing the "present." He nearly outwitted the Turtles in their efforts to steal back the atomic clock, but they managed to restore the timeline. Moriarty was thrown back in time to his own era, without the clock.

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