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James Gordon
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Gotham City Police Department

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Crisis in a Half Shell


DC Comics
IDW Publishing

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Crisis in a Half Shell, part 1

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James Tynion IV
Freddie E. Williams II

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James Gordon is the police commissioner of Gotham City in the merged world of New Earth Prime. Except for the lack of a relationship with Batman, he seems similar to his Earth Prime counterpart.

Gordon and a number of police officers prepared an ambush in the Natural History Museum in order to capture the Laughing Man, but the ambush was ruined when a number of the officers defected to the Smile Clan. Gordon was assaulted by the Laughing Man, who told him of the loss of his allies, but Batman's arrival prevented any further harm from coming to the commissioner.

Gordon later escaped the crumbling museum, along with a single loyal officer named Casey Jones.

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