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Anthropomorphic jaguar goddess



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IDW Publishing

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Pantheon Family Reunion, part 1

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Kevin Eastman

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Jagwar is a jaguar goddess. She is a member of the Pantheon, and Kitsune claims that she is the weakest member of it.

She was present at the Pantheon Family Reunion, where she and the other members discussed the matters that concerned them. However, they discovered that they were being spied on by the Turtles, who fled and hid in the Den of Delights to avoid being attacked by the immortals. Jagwar went after the "disgusting creatures despite the pleas of her sister Aka, declaring that all the mutants deserved was eradication. She attempted to kill Leonardo but ended up clashing with Raphael instead.

In the absence of Chi-You, Jagwar seems to be the warrior of the Pantheon's influence, described as a "valiant warrior of strict honor and swift justice," and tends to be blunt and straightforward in her opinions. This often brings her into conflict with Kitsune, whom she has deep contempt for. She despises what she sees as cowardice.

She carries a macuahuitl with her wherever she goes.


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