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In the 2012 TV series, Jack J. Kurtzman is an investigative reporter/journalist. His first appearance was in The Kraang Conspiracy as he was the one who was looking into the missing scientists that were taken by the Kraang in 2013. In doing so, he somehow uncovered that The Kraang have actually been attempting to terraform the Earth for thousands of years, mutating and experimenting on both creatures and humans along the way. He also discovered that April O'Neil's DNA is special, and that The Kraang absolutely need it to complete their plans. As it turns out, April's mother was kidnapped while she was a few months pregnant with April, and experimented upon. He then urges the Turtles to infiltrate the newly rebuilt TCRI headquarters and delete all of their data pertaining to April's DNA (for April's sake). After the Turtles finish their mission, Kurtzman appears driving a getaway van, and hauls the heroes out of harm's way. He then gives the Turtles his business card in case they ever need his expertise again.

Donatello and April returned to Kurtzman's apartment and the journalist guessed they wanted to know the source of the mysterious tremors wrecking the city. He shows them his notes on the Kraathatrogon, the creatures who produce the mutagen, describing how the Kraang ride them by holding the antennae and can grow up to a hundred feet in length. ("The Manhattan Project, Part 2")

In Battle for New York, Part 1, he appears in an abandoned factory and acts as a benefactor for the The Mighty Mutanimals. Unfortunately, the Kraang track them down [by following them] and attack. Jack is shot and injured in the crossfire when he tries to recover data that he has on the Kraang's plans. Leatherhead carries him out when the turtles and Mutanimals retreat back to the pizzeria. He gives the turtles the data and tells them that they have to work together. Splinter, along with April and Casey, stay behind to take care of him and attend to his injuries.

In Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!, Kurtzman was mentioned by Dr. Tyler Rockwell to have investigated the sewers after sightings of a dinosaurman lurking through them.


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  • Kurtzman's name was given as "Kurtzen" in preliminary promotional materials. This was likely a typographical error, rather than a sudden name change.
  • His name is based on Jack Kirby's real name, Jacob Kurtzberg. As well as his looks, with thick eyebrows, grey hair on the sides and other facial similarities.
  • Kurtzman says the same distinctive quote in The Kraang Conspiracy and Battle for New York, Part 1 when the Kraang catch up with him: "They found me! I don't know how, but they found me!" This same line was famously spoken by the character Doc Brown in the film Back to the Future.
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