Man Ray

Jack Finney

Jack Finney
Biographical information

New Jersey, USA, Earth


Marine Biologist, Environmentalist


TMNT, Mutanimals

Physical description

Mutant Manta Ray




6' 5"


395 lbs

Eye color


Out of universe information

Archie, Mirage


Archie Comics, Mirage Studios

First appearance

Something Fishy Goes Down

Created by

Ryan Brown
Stephen Murphy

Teachers and Students

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Jack Finney, also known as Man Ray or Ray Fillet, is an anthropomorphic manta ray. He holds the safety of the environment and its creatures as a top priority. Although he prefers to stay within the water, Man Ray can live on land for a limited period of time before having to return to some kind of water source. Although he has been known to use a speargun as a weapon, he usually prefers hand-to-hand combat.

Man Ray was once Jack Finney, a man who worked at the Burroughs Aquarium in New Jersey, and showed a special interest in the manta ray especially. One night after a chance encounter with the Turtles, he closed up for the night so he might finally get some "real work" done, but not before saying goodnight to his favorite resident. While investigating a local sewer pipe that he suspected was being used for illegal dumping into the ocean, Ray was caught up by an overflow and carried out into sea. Little did he know that the green liquid he found while investigating the pipe was Mutagen that had been accidentally spilled into the sewer by Bebop and Rocksteady.

The newly mutated Man Ray immediately started taking action, using his new body to his every advantage to help stop Shredder's evil 4 July plot. Although he managed to hold his own and drive off Shredder and his minions, Ray was not yet used to his new body and retreated to the ocean so he might recover from the battle.

Since then Ray was known to help the Turtles on various occasions before eventually joining a team of his own The Mighty Mutanimals. It is with this team that he saw his end when he and his entire team were massacred.

Since his mutation Man Ray gained the power to communicate and summon marine animals. This came coupled with an additional boost to his obsession with the protection and preservation of the environment and its creatures, marine wildlife in particular. In fact, he was known to be put into a fit of rage on numerous occasions when faced with acts of violence and pollution against the habitat.

Mirage Comics

Man Ray appears in Tales of the TMNT Volume 2 Issue #58.



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  • Something Fishy Goes Down is Stephen Murphy's first TMNT writing credit. He was previously known for writing The Puma Blues, which prominently features manta ray symbolism and, like Ray himself, is a strong advocate of environmental responsibility. Even Ray's first mutant name, "Man Ray," is a direct reference to one of The Puma Blues' pages.