Ivan Mutant IDW 2020
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Mutant Town, New York City, Earth

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Mutant mammal



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IDW Publishing

First appearance

What is Ninja?, part 2 (flashback)
Jennika #2 (full appearance)

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Brahm Revel

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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In the IDW continuity, Ivan is Silas' old partner in crime back when they were both human. He is one of the victims of Old Hob's mutagen bomb.


Ivan is a cruel, unsympathetic and violent criminal that is highly manipulative and fiendishly clever.


Ivan is a fairly tall individual with spiky black hair and a square jaw line. after mutating he gained pointy ears fangs and a nose-leaf(large, lance-shaped nose) similar to a bat and lavender skin.

He wears a red shirt and black trench coat, pants and boots.



Ten years ago Ivan convinced his partner to rob a store but things went south when Ivan shot a bystander they both fled leaving his partner's girlfriend behind.

Like so many others he was mutated when Old Hob's bomb went off during mayor-elect Baxter Stockman's  victory celebration and was transferred to Mutant Town; after several months he manged to form a gang. He supposedly got his hands on a cure for mutations and planed to sell it. He convinced his old partner Silas into retrieving the money from the very same heist they made a decade ago for the cure, It was the he ran into Jennika for the first time since that night. After finding out to he was the one selling (and had recently beaten up 2 of his henchman) she didn't believe the cure was real, so he got out his smartphone to show her a video of a mutant becoming human again.


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