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Biographical information

New York City, Dimension X

Weapon(s) of choice

Heat Vision
metal teeth


Kraang: Spy droid
Utrom: Formal attire War droid


The Utrom
The Kraang

Physical description




Hair color

Purple (Kraang design)
Blue (Utrom design)

Eye color


Out of universe information
First appearance

Mousers Attack! (cameo)
Mutagen Man Unleashed (background character)
The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones (introduced)

Voiced by

Kate Micucci

Teachers and Students

Irma is a gynoid body that was created by Utrom High Council member Rook. It takes the appearance of the teenage human girl. The blueprints for her model, like many other Utrom technologies, were stolen by The Kraang who subsequently mass-produced the droids. They are primarily used as a robotic disguise that is used and Piloted by Utrom. The most notable user of the Irma droid is Kraang Subprime.


Mousers Attack!

Irma made a cameo on April's caller ID prior to her first in-person appearance.

Mutagen Man Unleashed

Irma makes her first in-person appearance here, she is shown at her locker but her face cannot be seen and she has no speaking role.

The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones

Irma makes her first speaking appearance in this episode. She is shown as April's best friend, walking with her in the hall. She asks Casey where he got his bruises, and doesn't seem to like April hanging around him.

Of Rats and Men

Irma played a larger role in this episode. She was kidnapped and put into a cage along side Casey Jones. The Rat King wanted to test the mutagen on her first to create his army.

Pizza Face

Irma appears hanging out with April, about to see a zombie movie when her friend get a call from her T-Phone. She didn't believe the "dating with Casey" excuse, and she already knew that April has some secret friends that she don't tell about. They both get hit by a pizza guy's bike, who exclaimed that he's being attacked. He leaves a pizza box, which April get it for the guys and run off. It appeared to make Irma feel bad because her friend ditched her again with no honest reason.

The Wrath of Tiger Claw

Irma is hanging out with April and Casey (who complains about her being a third wheel and it being a ruined date) after seeing a movie. April then senses Tiger Claw and Karai who are following them. April (who is being chased by Karai) and Casey (who gets ambushed by Tiger Claw) split up to deal with them leaving Irma confused and frustrated with the both of them and unaware of the situation.

A Chinatown Ghost Story

Irma and April are captured by Ho Chan because he needed April's powers. He also says Irma has powers, but he doesn't know what they are.

The Invasion, Part 1

After being ambushed by Foot-Bots, a panicked April takes Irma to the Turtles' Lair, believing that her best friend is trustworthy enough to keep Splinter and the Turtles' secret. There, Irma's body begins to split apart and reveals to be the specialized Kraangdroid body of Kraang Subprime, the Kraang second-in-command and a master spy who had masqueraded as "Irma" to spy on April. He says that the discovery of the Turtles' lair was what the Kraang needed to start the invasion of Earth, and he immediately opens multiple portals, allowing other Kraang directly into the lair. The living room and Shellraiser are destroyed during the scuffle, and the Turtles and April are forced to retreat while Splinter holds off the Kraang assault. Kraang Subprime is defeated, and apparently killed, when a piece of the burning derby from the lair falls on top of his unsuited body, his tentacles writhing and going limp.

Battle for New York, Part 2

Several Irma droids appear alongside some Biotroids and Mrs. Campbell who ambush The Mighty Mutanimals after they break into TCRI and open a portal to Dimension X so the turtles could enter, de-mutate the captured humans, save them [by Teleportation] and return to earth. They manage to take down Pete as they fight them. they then form a pyramid with Mrs. Campbell on top; although one of them is hit by a laser in the process. Unfortunately Mrs. Campbell manages to jump off of them and knocks of Dr. Tyler Rockwell psychic amplifier. they then help the other Kraang succeed in capturing the team and deactivate the portal which leaves the turtles trapped on the other side. They then place the team in a glass cell which they manage to escape with help from Dr. Tyler Rockwell [who uses his telekinesis abilities]. They then start to attack the Kraang again [while destroying the Irmabots in the process] and win the battle which results in them reopening the portal and helping the Turtles de-mutate and rescue the humans.

The War for Dimension X

The Irma droid controlled by Kraang Subprime was revealed to be stolen and formerly operated by Rook, who not only invented Irma, but also resembles her too.



She dresses in a gothic style of clothing. She has black hair which is cut short and has purple streaks and one red hairpin on the right side of her head. Irma uses glasses and a purple lipstick and nail polish. She wears one red hexagonal bracelet on one wrist and three on the other, a black tank top with white broken glass logo, another tank top underneath that is pink with red stripes, blue and black checkered pattern skirt, large boots that go up her calves with high black socks and red oval-shaped glasses. She is slightly shorter than April.


  • The human "illusion" of Irma bears a striking similarity to Velma Dinkley in both appearance and personality.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are also voiced by Kate Micucci.
  • As a Kraang spy, "Irma" was far more convincing than the Normans or the Ms. Campbells. Particularly because she indefinitely retained a normal human speaking pattern and even had a convincing set, yet flexible personality that would seem somewhat typical of a teenage girl. It even displayed human characteristics such as emotions, facial expressions, and ailments such as fainting.


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