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"Quite a mess you've got there, John."

Robert J. Lawson

John Bishop "My mess, Senator? Hardly."

Bishop "This mess was not my doing, but given the necessary tresources, I'm more than happy to clean it up."

Bishop "If not..."

Bishop "...Then New York's little problem is going to belong to the entire world soon."


Burne Thompson >Burne Thompson, Channel 6 News, bringing you this exclusive live report from the fiery heart of Manhattan, where police and military forces continue to battle with an as-yet unidentified enemy.<

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Burne "It's been nearly 24 hours since unknown assailants launched their second attack against New York City, escalating what had initially appeared to be an isolated terrorist incident into full-scale urban warfare."

Burne "Despite the fact authorities have securely cordoned off the immediate area of conflict—including a strict no-fly zone—our Channel 6 News helicopter has been able to collect some video footage of the battle taking place."


Burne >This is earlier footage of the destruction of the Williamsburg Bridge.<

Burne >This was the first of a number of bridge explosions across Manhattan, and unconfirmed reports indicate that the Brooklyn Bridge is the sole remaining conduit to the island.<

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Burne >The following amateur video was sent to our studio and appears to depict enemy aircraft engaged in a firefight with a brave group of New York's finest.<


Burne >We have reached out to a number of military experts, but none have been able to specifically identify the type of crafts the attackers are flying.<

Burne >Instead, terms such as "exotic" and "foreign engineered" have been suggested.<

Burne >As for the attackers themselves, this next amateur video seems to indicate they are in possession of advanced small arms and body armor—combat gear not easily accessible to non-military personnel.<

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Burne >Some witnesses on the ground have gone so far as to suggest the gear—as well as the attackers—appear to be, quote, alien in nature... A notion police officials have been quick to refute.<


Kara Lewis >Look—it's normal for rumors to spread in this kind of chaos, but it's never helpful.<

Kara "The fact of the matter is that right now, we don't know if these are foreign terrorists, home-grown, street grang, mafia, or even space aliens for that matter."

Kara "All we know is bad guys with big guns are attacking our city right now and we're doing everything we can in conjunction with federal and state authorities to make them stop."

Burne "And my team and I will be standing by on the frontlines to bring you all the latest news and information as soon as it becomes available..."

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Burne >...This is Burne Thompson, Channel 6 News, reporting.<

Bishop "As you can see, we've been able to keep the media narrative in check for the most part, but in this age of cell phone cameras and the internet, that won't be the case for long, Senator."

Bishop "The enemy has established a veritable beachhead on Manhattan, but they won't stay put for long. Their reach will spread, and with it, panic—once civilians begin to realize who and what the Triceratons really are."

Bishop "But that doesn't have to be the case, sir. You're the senior-most member of the Defense Intelligence Sub-committee—you have the influence necessary to stem the leak before it becomes a flood."

Bishop "Push my request for command authority and expanded resources through the pertinent channels quickly, and I assure you the EPF will handle this alien situation in like fashion."

Bishop "We're ready to protect this planet, Senator Lawson."

Bishop "Are you?"

Lawson "And that's the twenty-billion-dollar question, isn't it?"

Lawson "You know, I met your father once, John—back when I was flying F-102s out of Selfridge for the 1st Fighter Wing. I was a young captain and your dad was at the base, recruiting pilots for the EPF."

Lawson "I was one of the stick jockeys he tried to bring into the max. Good guy—I really liked him—but I already had political aspirations at the time and passed on his offer."

Lawson "And to be totally frank, I thought it was the most pie-in-the-sky thing I'd ever heard of in my life."

Lawson "Guess that pie's on my face now, huh?"

Lawson "You'll have your money, Agent Bishop, and whatever else you need. I'll see to it immediately."

Bishop "You've made the right decision, Senator."

Lawson "God help me, I hope so—"

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"—Because the ball's in your court now."

Burne Thompson >...Burne Thompson, Channel 6 News, reporting.<

Elizabeth O'Neil "It looks like this craziness is getting ready to spread, John."

Beth "Maybe we shouldn't have ignored the mandatory evac order."

John O'Neil "April said Stockman's got someone on the way to pick us up soon, Beth. We won't be stuck her much longer."

John "Besides, that Burne Thompson guy's such a grandstander. Cripes, how can someone talk so much and say so little?"

John "What ever happened to real investigative journalism like you used to do, hon?"

Beth "Well, we didn't have a 24-hour news cycle to constantly fill back then."

Beth "Gave us a little more time to dig deeper before we went public."

John "Ha! Hacks like Thompson wouldn't know how to dig even if someone knocked them over the head with a shovel."

John "They're all just a bunch of professional script readers these days, telling us what their corporate bosses want us to hear."


Beth "You know, Mr. Restless, there's a remote control for turning that old thing off."

John "I know. But after all those years not being able to walk on my own, any movement is nice."

John "Even if it's only tuning out that blowhard and his non-news."

Beth "You're worried about April, huh?"

Beth "Me, too."

John "Yeah. I know she can take care of herself—and she's got some powerful friends looking out for her—"

John "—It's just... I don't trust Stockman as far as I can throw him."

John "And I can't help but wonder—"

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"—Will the three of us be safer there than we are here?"

Raon "Set down here, Udok..."

Raon "...This is the location we're looking for."

Raon "Keep an eye out—I need to call this in."

Udok "Roger that, Corporal Raon."

Raon "Commander Zom, this is Reconnaissance Team Bravo. We've reached the designated coordinates. Over."

Zom >Good to hear, Bravo. We'll be mobilizing from the island soon. Set up a forward looking post and hold the fort until we get there.<

Zom >Zom out.<

Udok "Hey! You!"

Lester "No... Please... I wasn't doin' nothin' wrong."

Udok "We've got a spy, Corporal. Orders?"

Raon "Kill him. This location is now officially declared Triceraton territory."

Casey Jones "Triceraton territory? That's funny..."

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Casey "...Last I heard, this 'hood belonged to the Purple Dragons."

Casey "Now, we'd ask you politely to leave."

Casey " 'Cept when it comes to trespassers, polite ain't exactly our thing."

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Raon "Fire!"

Link "Agh!"


Casey "Link! You okay?!"

Link "Yeah... I'm good, Jones."

Link "Just a bee sting."

Casey "Then pull out the damn stinger and help old Lester!"

Link "C'mon... Lester."

Lester "I didn't do nothin' I swear. I ain't no spy."

Link "Yeah, yeah... I know, old man."

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Casey "Yo, horny toad, where do you think you're go—"


Casey "Aw, crud."


Raon "Human weakling."

'Raon "I'll show you who's trespassing."

Casey "Malo! Now!"



Malo "On it!"

Raon "Wha—"





Udok "Raon?"

Udok "Raon!"

Udok "No..."

Raon "It burns!"

Udok "No!"

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Hun "You deaf or somethin', dinosaur?"

Hun "My kid said you ain't welcome here."

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John "My God, are you seeing this? I think that's Casey and his friends. And they're... They're fighting dinosaur men."

Beth "Honey... Is the video recorder in the store charged?"

John "Um, yeah... I think so. Why?"

Beth "Gotta go!"

John "Beth?"

Beth "Where is it? Where is it? Where is—"

Beth "—There you are!"

John "Beth—wait!"

John "Where the hell are you oging?! It's a warzone out there!"

Beth "I know it is, John."

Beth "And that's why someone has to do some real journalism."

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Hun "Hm. Guess you wanna settle this man to man, huh?"

Hun "Or man to whatever the hell you are."

Udok "I am a Triceraton warrior. There is no greater honor than to die at the hands of my enemy."

Udok "And no greater reward than to have my enemy..."

Udok "...Die by mine!"

Hun "Hkkkgrk"


Casey "Nah..."

Casey "...That ain't happenin'."

Hun "Son."

Casey "Pop."

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Udok "Rarr!"


Udok "Guff!"



Casey "Yo, Dragons, chain these two up before they get stupid again."

Hun "You heard the man—move!"

Hun "Looks like we got us some prisoners."

Casey "Yeah... Someone in charge needs to see this."

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The Tube

Citizens battle "Terrorist" in streets
Phones on Sale
New York terror attack
Terrorists or aliens?

Michelangelo "Dude!"

Mikey "That thing's only been online for a few hours and it's already got like 16,000 views."

Mikey "Whoever 2nd-time-journo is, they're totally about to go viral and—wait."

Mikey "Is that Casey... And Hun?"

Raphael "Jones with Hun? No freakin' way."

Donatello "I dunno. This video definition is pretty shoddy, but it does look like them to me."

Donnie "Guys, if this video's legit, the Triceratons are getting ready to expand their forces citywide now."

Donnie "The ones in this video must've been a forward team probing new areas of operation."

Mikey "Heh. Aliens probing. Get it?"

Raph "Mike—this ain't the time."

Leonardo "No... It's not."

Leo "He's ready to see all of us now."

Mikey (Raph's line) "Already? We were startin' to enjoy standin' out here like a buncha unwelcome idiots."

Donnie "Chill, Raph. It's standard protocol for the clan masters to meet first. It's not personal."

Raph "Wrong. It's all personal."

Raph "What're you lookin' at, chump?"

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Mikey "Man, Father sure hasn't done any new decorating since he took over, huh?"

Raph "What were you expectin', runt?"

Mikey "I dunno. Less death stuff, I guess."

Splinter "Ah, my sons!"

Splinter "It is a pleasure to see you all again."

Raph "Didn't seem like that when you had us outside coolin' our heels."

Leo "Raph!"

Splinter "Do not be too harsh on your brother, Leonardo—his frustration is understandable."

Splinter "Still, it is important to remember—though some traditions may seem inconvenient, it is nonetheless vital that we honor them."

Splinter "Now, Leonardo has told me there is important business for the Foot Clan and Clan Hamato to discuss—"

Splinter "—How may we help you?"

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Leo "Father, it's about the Triceratons. We think... No, we know there's been a huge misunderstanding."

Leo "They didn't come here to start a war. They just came looking for a home... And peace."

Splinter "Peace, Leonardo? Then why is it they are attacking the city as we speak?"

Raph "Maybe 'cause that psycho Bishop took potshots at them first, and then you had your Foot goons try to finish the job with spears and chains.*"

[*See TMNT #76 - B.C.]

Raph "We know all about what happened, Father—Zom told us everything."

Splinter "Zom? So you have met these creatures?"

Donnie "We already knew who they were, Father—from Dimension X. They helped us with some pretty big problems we ran into during Krang's trial."

Mikey "Yeah. They're totally good guys."

Mikey "And besides, they're from Earth. They used to be normal dinosaurs until Krang stole 'em and turned 'em into space soldiers."

Splinter "Which is precisely my concern, Michelangelo. Whatever these creatures may have once been, they are now fierce warriors possessed of deadly skills and resources. As such, they pose a significant threat to this city and quite possibly the world."

Splinter "That is why I have chosen to act in a preemptive fashion. They must be stopped before it is too late."

Leo "Then give us a chance to stop them, Father. Without any more fighting. Commander Zom's a fierce warrior, but she's also honorable."

Leo "If we can just talk to her some more, explain why Earth might not be the right place for her people, mayb—"

Splinter "Enough, Leonardo. My decision is final."

Raph "Decision? What decision?"

Splinter "The decision that you and your brothers will remain securely within these walls until the danger posed by the Triceratons has passed, Raphael."

Page 19

Raph "You gotta be kiddin'. There ain't no way we're stayin' here."

Mikey "This is totally unfair."

Donnie "They're right—it makes no logical sense to keep us out of this."

Leo "Please, Father, you need to reconsider. We can—"

Splinter "I said... Enough!"

Splinter "You do not understand! This is war, and in war, soldiers fight and soldiers die. And I will not allow my sons to become dead soldiers—"

Splinter "—Not while I am capable of doing the planning, the fighting, and, if need be... The dying in their place!"

Leo "War, Father? We know war—we just came back from one. We're not children any more."

Splinter "For as long as I live and I breathe, you are my children!"

Splinter "You're—"

Jennika "Master Splinter!"

Jenny "Master, please forgive my interruption. I have important intelligence."

Splinter "I... Yes, Jennika. Very well..."

Splinter "...You may speak, chunin."

Jenny "Our spies in the field have reported in, Master."

Jenny "Our ally has successfully obtained the resources he sought..."

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"...And his army is on the move."

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