TMNT -78 Regular Cover by Damian Couceiro

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Invasion of the Triceratons, part 3 is issue #78 of IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, published in January 2018.



In Washington, D.C., Bishop is in the office of Michigan senator Robert Lawson, telling him that if he isn't given the resources to clean up the "mess" in New York City, then it will be the whole world's problem.

On the TV, Burne Thompson reports from Manhattan, where he's surrounded by burning cars and armored soldiers. The Williamsburg Bridge has been blown up, leaving the Brooklyn Bridge the only way on or off the island. Additionally, the Triceraton ships are being passed off as "foreign engineered" planes, and the Triceratons themselves are being depicted as humans in advanced body armor. The government are trying to keep the population from knowing that their opponents are actually aliens, but Bishop says that that won't last long, and that the people will panic when they realize what the "terrorists" actually are.

He pressures the senator to give him command authority and more resources, promising that the Earth Protection Force will handle the situation quickly. After reminiscing about how Bishop's father tried to recruit him into the E.P.F., the senator promises anything Bishop wants.

That evening, John and Elizabeth O'Neil watch television, and John expresses cynical disgust at Burne's reporting and the state of modern news. He also confirms that he's worried about April, especially since he doesn't trust Stockman.

Two Triceratons named Udok and Raon land in a basketball court, and apprehend an old homeless man whom they decide is a spy. Just then, Casey and the Purple Dragons appear, ordering the Triceratons to leave. The Triceratons fire at the Purple Dragons, but Raon is doused in gasoline and set on fire, provoking Udok to attack Casey. But he's tackled to the ground by none other than Hun.

In the 2nd Time Around store, John and Elizabeth see the fight from their window. She runs downstairs to get her camera, intending to do some "real journalism." Down in the street, Casey defends Hun from Udok's attack, and the two manage to take down the Triceraton while Elizabeth films everything.

At the Foot Clan headquarters, Donatello shows Michelangelo and Raphael the online video Elizabeth filmed, which is rapidly going viral. They have been waiting outside to see Splinter, which Raphael takes very personally. Splinter welcomes them warmly, and asks how he can help them. The Turtles appeal to him by telling him what they know of the Triceratons, and explaining why they are on Earth and that they aren't bad people.

However, Splinter still sees the Triceratons primarily as a threat to the city and then the world, and that is why he has taken preemptive action against them. Leonardo pleads with him to let the Turtles contact the Triceratons and try to talk them out of this invasion, but Splinter says that his decision is final—the decision to keep the Turtles within the Foot Clan's headquarters until the danger is past.

The Turtles are indignant at the idea of being imprisoned when they have a chance to avert the whole conflict, but Splinter is determined to keep them out of harm's way, out of fear that they will die in the conflict. Leonardo continues pleading with him, but Splinter is adamant.

Just then Jennika rushes in with news: Foot Clan spies have confirmed that Bishop has obtained his resources. Airplanes, soldiers and tanks are moving through the streets of New York.


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