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The Invasion begins in earnest and an unspeakable alliance forms to counter it!


Zom breaks loose of her chains and calls down a squad of Triceratons with weapons blasting. The ninjas retreat behind smoke bombs, attacking the Triceratons with shuriken and arrows until they drive them underground to a subway station to regroup and plan conquest. Agent Bishop, still dazed, is taken prisoner by Jennika.

In the present, the Turtles are surveying the area where the battle took place, trying to figure out what is going on. They contact April to let her know that they're coming to Stockman's lab; once they arrive, she fills them in what's happened while Stockman works on his flyborgs. Michelangelo and Donatello theorize that maybe the Triceratons have come to Earth looking for the Turtles, and Leonardo decides that that means they have to find the Triceratons as soon as possible. Stockman sends out his flyborgs to find the Triceratons, and they soon find the Triceratons hunkered down in a subway tunnel.

Meanwhile, Agent Bishop finds himself in one of the Foot Clan's front businesses, which Splinter decided to bring him to in case he had a tracking device in his cyborg body. Splinter offers him some French fries, which he rejects. The two reveal that both have intel on each other and their respective organizations, and Bishop insults Splinter, sending Jennika into a rage that Splinter commands her back from. He offers Bishop a temporary alliance to stop the Triceratons.

Zom orders Trokk to wait ten minutes, and then send "everything" to invade the Earth. The Turtles arrive just then, and are greeted warmly by Zom, but are rather dismayed to hear that the Triceratons are barging back onto Earth without taking the many changes into account. They're also worried when Zom speaks of a "rodent-man" with hooded warriors who attacked them as well as the EPF.

They come back up to the surface, and find Triceraton ships landing and Triceraton troops in the streets. Zom declares that they are there to stay, and the increasingly horrified Turtles can only watch.


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