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A small force of armed extra-dimensional Triceratons have arrived in the heart of NYC! Will the Earth welcome them or destroy them?


The Turtles are teleported back into their lair, where they are greeted by a joyful (and very wet) Pepperoni. But their homecoming is not as peaceful as they had hoped, as the news is full of warnings about a "terrorist attack" which Leonardo and Donatello recognize as involving Triceratons and the Earth Protection Force. They rush out to deal with the situation, with Michelangelo moaning that he's hungry.

Earlier that day, a force of Triceratons teleported onto a rooftop, led by Commander Zom, who assumes that the Triceratons will be able to fit right in with the "warlike" humans. She lands on the street below with Sergeant Gord, and despite the friendly greeting she gives, the sight of them terrifies the humans who see them. The humans panic and frantically scramble away, much to Zom's surprise.

Just then, Agent Bishop and the EPF arrive with the brainwashed Slash in tow. He initially acts friendly and welcoming towards Zom and Gord, but his attitude becomes more sinister as Zom explains that they are simply returning to their ancestral homeworld. He reveals that the "high ground" has been taken by a UPF helicopter that has gotten the drop on the other Triceratons, allowing UPF commandos to fire on them.

Zom and Gord realize that it was a trap all along, and a vicious firefight breaks out between the Triceratons and the UPF. Gord takes out the helicopter as Zom fights on the ground below, and the crash injures Bishop, who decides to use Slash as his weapon. The giant turtle instantly kills Gord with one blow, and an enraged Zom prepares to kill Bishop, declaring that the whole city is next.

Just then, chained spikes jab into Zom's arms, legs and shoulders, and she's brought down by a host of ninja. Splinter declares that the city belongs to the Foot Clan.


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Fux News Channel
  • Unusually for the IDW comics series, a very strong curse word was hidden in plain sight on page 2, where one of the news reports the Turtles are watching is on a television channel called "Fux News Channel", a parody of Fox News Channel.


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