TMNT Vol. 19 TPB Cover by Damian Courceiro

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Invasion of the Triceratons is a story arc in IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuity. The story deals with the Triceratons' return to Earth and the conflict that ensues between Commander Zom and the Triceratons, Agent Bishop and the Earth Protection Force, and Master Splinter and the Foot Clan, with the Turtles caught in the middle trying to act as peacekeepers.


Part One - Issue #76

TMNT -76 Regular Cover by Damian Courceiro.jpg

Released November 15th, 2017

The Turtles are teleported back into their lair, where they are greeted by a joyful (and very wet) Pepperoni. But their homecoming is not as peaceful as they had hoped, as the news is full of warnings about a "terrorist attack" which Leonardo and Donatello recognize as involving Triceratons and the Earth Protection Force. They rush out to deal with the situation, with Michelangelo moaning that he's hungry.

Earlier that day, a force of Triceratons teleported onto a rooftop, led by Commander Zom, who assumes that the Triceratons will be able to fit right in with the "warlike" humans. She lands on the street below with Sergeant Gord, and despite the friendly greeting she gives, the sight of them terrifies the humans who see them. The humans panic and frantically scramble away, much to Zom's surprise.

Just then, Agent Bishop and the EPF arrive with the brainwashed Slash in tow. He initially acts friendly and welcoming towards Zom and Gord, but his attitude becomes more sinister as Zom explains that they are simply returning to their ancestral homeworld. He reveals that the "high ground" has been taken by a UPF helicopter that has gotten the drop on the other Triceratons, allowing EPF commandos to fire on them.

Zom and Gord realize that it was a trap all along, and a vicious firefight breaks out between the Triceratons and the UPF. Gord takes out the helicopter as Zom fights on the ground below, and the crash injures Bishop, who decides to use Slash as his weapon. The giant turtle instantly kills Gord with one blow, and an enraged Zom prepares to kill Bishop, declaring that the whole city is next.

Just then, chained spikes jab into Zom's arms, legs and shoulders, and she's brought down by a host of ninja. Splinter declares that the city belongs to the Foot Clan.

Part Two - Issue #77

TMNT -77 Regular Cover by Damian Couceiro.jpg

Released December 6th, 2017

Zom breaks loose of her chains and calls down a squad of Triceratons with weapons blasting. The ninjas retreat behind smoke bombs, attacking the Triceratons with shuriken and arrows until they drive them underground to a subway station to regroup and plan conquest. Agent Bishop, still dazed, is taken prisoner by Jennika.

In the present, the Turtles are surveying the area where the battle took place, trying to figure out what is going on. They contact April to let her know that they're coming to Stockman's lab; once they arrive, she fills them in what's happened while Stockman works on his flyborgs. Michelangelo and Donatello theorize that maybe the Triceratons have come to Earth looking for the Turtles, and Leonardo decides that that means they have to find the Triceratons as soon as possible. Stockman sends out his flyborgs to find the Triceratons, and they soon find the Triceratons hunkered down in a subway tunnel.

Meanwhile, Agent Bishop finds himself in one of the Foot Clan's front businesses, which Splinter decided to bring him to in case he had a tracking device in his cyborg body. Splinter offers him some French fries, which he rejects. The two reveal that both have intel on each other and their respective organizations, and Bishop insults Splinter, sending Jennika into a rage that Splinter commands her back from. He offers Bishop a temporary alliance to stop the Triceratons.

Zom orders Trokk to wait ten minutes, and then send "everything" to invade the Earth. The Turtles arrive just then, and are greeted warmly by Zom, but are rather dismayed to hear that the Triceratons are barging back onto Earth without taking the many changes into account. They're also worried when Zom speaks of a "rodent-man" with hooded warriors who attacked them as well as the EPF.

They come back up to the surface, and find Triceraton ships landing and Triceraton troops in the streets. Zom declares that they are there to stay, and the increasingly horrified Turtles can only watch.

Part Three - Issue #78

TMNT -78 Regular Cover by Damian Couceiro.jpg

Released January 10th, 2018

In Washington, D.C., Bishop is in the office of Michigan senator Robert Lawson, telling him that if he isn't given the resources to clean up the "mess" in New York City, then it will be the whole world's problem.

On the TV, Burne Thompson reports from Manhattan, where he's surrounded by burning cars and armored soldiers. The Williamsburg Bridge has been blown up, leaving the Brooklyn Bridge the only way on or off the island. Additionally, the Triceraton ships are being passed off as "foreign engineered" planes, and the Triceratons themselves are being depicted as humans in advanced body armor. The government are trying to keep the population from knowing that their opponents are actually aliens, but Bishop says that that won't last long, and that the people will panic when they realize what the "terrorists" actually are.

He pressures the senator to give him command authority and more resources, promising that the Earth Protection Force will handle the situation quickly. After reminiscing about how Bishop's father tried to recruit him into the E.P.F., the senator promises anything Bishop wants.

That evening, John and Elizabeth O'Neil watch television, and John expresses cynical disgust at Burne's reporting and the state of modern news. He also confirms that he's worried about April, especially since he doesn't trust Stockman.

Two Triceratons named Udok and Raon land in a basketball court, and apprehend an old homeless man whom they decide is a spy. Just then, Casey and the Purple Dragons appear, ordering the Triceratons to leave. The Triceratons fire at the Purple Dragons, but Raon is doused in gasoline and set on fire, provoking Udok to attack Casey. But he's tackled to the ground by none other than Hun.

In the 2nd Time Around store, John and Elizabeth see the fight from their window. She runs downstairs to get her camera, intending to do some "real journalism." Down in the street, Casey defends Hun from Udok's attack, and the two manage to take down the Triceraton while Elizabeth films everything.

At the Foot Clan headquarters, Donatello shows Michelangelo and Raphael the online video Elizabeth filmed, which is rapidly going viral. They have been waiting outside to see Splinter, which Raphael takes very personally. Splinter welcomes them warmly, and asks how he can help them. The Turtles appeal to him by telling him what they know of the Triceratons, and explaining why they are on Earth and that they aren't bad people.

However, Splinter still sees the Triceratons primarily as a threat to the city and then the world, and that is why he has taken preemptive action against them. Leonardo pleads with him to let the Turtles contact the Triceratons and try to talk them out of this invasion, but Splinter says that his decision is final—the decision to keep the Turtles within the Foot Clan's headquarters until the danger is past.

The Turtles are indignant at the idea of being imprisoned when they have a chance to avert the whole conflict, but Splinter is determined to keep them out of harm's way, out of fear that they will die in the conflict. Leonardo continues pleading with him, but Splinter is adamant.

Just then Jennika rushes in with news: Foot Clan spies have confirmed that Bishop has obtained his resources. Airplanes, soldiers and tanks are moving through the streets of New York.

Part Four - Issue #79

TMNT -79 Regular Cover by Damian Couceiro.jpg

Released February 21st, 2018

The war between the Earth Protection Force and the Triceratons reaches a fever pitch as the TMNT plead with Splinter to spare an uneasy ally's life!

Part Five - Issue #80

TMNT -80 Regular Cover by Damian Couceiro.jpg

Released March 21st, 2018

Lines have been crossed, and New York teeters on the brink of complete destruction! When the time comes, will the Turtles be able to defeat the enemy they dread to fight?

The devastating final chapter in the blockbuster "Invasion of the Triceratons" story arc!