Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

[I hate arrows. Too quiet, hard to dodge...]

[Need to sense them and my mind is already overloaded.]

[Made it to the park, now I choose the battleground.]

Leonardo "Bring it on, Foot freaks!"


Page 2

Leo "WHat are you cowards waiting for?"

Leo "What the hell?"


[I don't remember Utroms being this ugly. And that's saying a lot.]

[I don't remember it this wet here.]

[Losing control.]

Leo "Rewind, Leo. I'm in control. I am in control."

Leo "Leo... I'm here."

[Our safe place... The farm.]

[Is someone else here?]

Page 3

Leo "What the?!"

Leo "This is getting interesting..."

Leo "Yahh!"

Leo "If it's solid, I can fight it."

Leo "Fight it..."

Leo "...And beat it!"

Koya "Leonardo, it's time to pay for your actions!"

Leo "Koya!"

Koya "You will sufer for your entire family."

[This I know how to fight!]

Page 4

Leo "Back for seconds?!"

Koya "Back for revenge!"

Leo "Wrong."

Koya "Monster!"

[She'll have trouble flying in the woods...]

Koya "After him!"

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