Insane in the Mama Train
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
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Season Code: 049-050
Episode: 25
Original airdate November 16, 2019
Written by Jesse Gordon
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Jake Castorena, JJ Conway, Kevin Molina-Ortiz & Samuel Montes
Episode chronology
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"Jupiter Jim Ahoy!" "End Game"

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1
September 17, 2018 - November 16, 2019
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"Insane in the Mama Train" is the forty-fifth episode (Episode 25) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on November 16th, 2019.


With the dark armor nearly complete, the Turtles decide to get serious and embrace their ninja heritage.

Appearing in Insane in the Mama Train

Major characters

Minor characters

Additional voices by Fred Tatasciore and Roger Craig Smith


We begin in a cold night where April and Splinter are doing a recon mission. Splinter and April look inside the Foot Shack where April was employed the last episode. The armor was almost complete and Splinter has no idea where the turtles are because he was waiting for them.

In the lair, the turtles are trying to avoid booby traps. They sort of forgot about the mission because the dates are messed up.

Meanwhile. Splinter is worried and he has to find his sons and tells April to come back but she refuses and stays to keep an eye on the black armor. Splinter goes into his room trying to figure out the scrolls about teaching he had. As he opens it, green spirits show up, revealing the Hamato Clan. Splinter tells the spirits about his sons and how they need to train. Back with the Turtles, they have to figure a way to make it up to Splinter.

Back underground, while the Foot are preparing the ritural, April sees a train station underneath Big Mama's Hotel. Draxum asks Big Mama to the final area for the ceremony but Big Mama doesn't need help, but Draxum has it's his big moment. He gave Big Mama a orange orb which contains an unknown power.

In the lair, the Turtles are apologizing to Splinter for what they did and now were ready to to learn the Hamato clan way. They start training but it doesn´t go well for all of them. Splinter says they must give up themselves for something like Raph´s bear collection, Leo's posters, Mikey's pizza, and Donnie's machines. And sure enough with enough training, they dress up into dark clothing and red masks.

Meanwhile April asks the Lieutenant where the piece is going to go, for which he says that armor is gonna be in the front of the train. Before April can go, Lieutenant tells her to stay here and close the door. April goes ahead and hits the panic button that rips her clothing and has to figure out to get out of here.

Meanwhile, the turtles forgot that April was in trouble thanks to the signal. And the turtles track down to find April, and Splinter uses Donnie's goggles and notice that April was in the train. The turtles get on the train and enter inside where they find April. April was confused and ask why the turtles are wearing the clothing but they were too focused on finding the Dark Armor.

They go ahead and encountered the door with thousands of buttons. They split up in groups where Donnie and Mikey meet the Recruit and Lieutenant and have their fight while Leo and April enter the ice car and meet one of the Bellhop Yokai and Raph battles the other Bellhop Yokai.

With this fight done dealing with the enemies, they found the Dark Armor. They were so happy and they new they have done it. But then a voice spoke "How sweet.. Daddy's little turtles are all grown up. He must be so disappointed." The brothers started to get a bad feeling about this, knowing that voice belong to Draxum. Without warning tentacles grabbed April and take her away. The Turtles all try to fight Draxum but they were already wrapped together by his vines. The Turtles struggle to stay awake trying in vain to hold on.



  • The title of the episode is a reference to Cypress Hill's song "Insane in the Brain".
  • This episode reveals that Splinter's real name is, in fact, Hamato Yoshi.



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