Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello "Hgnnn!"


Donnie "C'mon..."


Donnie "Hgnnffc'mon!"


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Michelangelo "Phhhuuuh!"

Donnie "Plan B, huh?"

Mikey "Plan A didn't seem to be going so well."

Donnie "I don't even remember us having a plan A..."


Donnie "Are you okay? I honestly thought you might've been... Y'know..."

Mikey "I'm good. Now anyway. What about Raph... Or Leo?"

Donnie "I—I don't... Those things were taking Leo in this direction when the tunnel caved in—"

Page 3

Mikey "Hhuh!"


Raphael "Plan B, huh?"

Mikey "Plan A didn't seem to be—"


Mikey "Ouch! Hey!"

Raph "Leave the plans to Brainiac."

Raph "Let's hustle. We got a bro to find..."

Page 4

Bloch "Yessss..."

Leonardo "Hunh-glk!?"

Bloch "You have done well, children."

Bloch "Long have you toiled, clawing with muscle and machine, to find he who freed you from your human shells and granted you ever-lasting life..."

Bloch "...And even when all seemed lost and his light dimmed from our sights, you remained faithful..."

Bloch "...Forever serving his will, nourishing him with the blood of sacrifice, where we could find it."

Bloch "Now, the eternal chaos smiles, he wakes, strengthened by our sacrifices!"

Bloch "Shub Niggurath was trapped in the follows of this Earth, left to rot and fade..."

Bloch "But no this night, as the heavens bleed, the way will be open for he who has always lain."

Bloch "He will satiate his hunger with a special feast... The blood of a creature unlike any before seen!"

Bloch "And then, he will come forth..."

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Bloch "On this night, Shub Niggurath will rise..."

Bloch "...And all shall see his glory!"

"They took him through here..."

Page 6

Donnie "I saw marks like this earlier, but didn't realize what it meant until now."

Mikey "Educate us, dude."

Donnie "This gash was made recently."

Donnie "Leo must've managed to get an arm free and slash us a trail."

Donnie "These... Roots or... Veins are getting thicker, too. There were less of them back near the lair."

Donnie "They must be taking nutrients from whatever they can find. That would explain those messed-up rats and all those bones we've seen..."

Donnie "Another slash mark. They must've taken Leo down through here."

Page 7

Raph "Brand-new chamber with even more of this fungus. Wonderful."

Raph "Okay, so where now? This looks like a dead end."

Donnie "There."

Mikey "Oh... Oh no."

Mikey "Don't tell me we have to swim in there."

Donnie "There's no other choice. We have to go in. They were taking him somewhere..."

Page 8

"He's either on the other side of this... Or at the bottom of it."

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Mikey "Guh!"

Donnie "He—He wasn't down there. That's good. I hope."

Mikey "Whoa!"

Mikey "This looks like a pretty good place for creepy dudes to hang out..."

Mikey "Looks like something out of those barbarian fantasy comics you read, man..."

Donnie "Just like in my books... A shrine to an elder god."

Donnie ··Keep as quiet as possible. We don't want to attract any more attention to ourselves.··

Donnie ··Lights out. Let your eyes adjust, then we move.··

Raph ··Wait!··

Page 11

Raph ··Hold on a damn second! I'm not rushing into this until someone tells me what's going on!··

Raph ··You read the books, you know more about this than me and Mike ever will, so stop keeping it to yourself!··

Donnie ··All right, all right! I'll tell you guys what I'm thinking, but we've gotta move. C'mon.··

··All of the books were so vague that I didn't make the connection with what's been happening in New York lately.··

··They always talked about giant monsters that could turn people into things... But the authors never seemed to connect all the dots.··

··This stuff—all of this fungus, the mutations—its all part of the same thing.··

··It's all part of one gigantic parasite, spreading under the city like a cancer. It's looking for food to sustain itself and using host bodies to help.··

··It's probably been growing for decades... Centuries even!··

··The symbols, the statues, it's just like the cult I read about before.··

··I don't know what kind of... Thing could live this long, and have this sort of power, but whatever it is... One thing is clear.··

··It needs to grow. It needs food. We can use that...··

··...I have a plan.··

Donnie ··Look! It's...··

Page 12

Donnie ··Leo!··

Mikey ··Look at the size of that statue...··

Donnie ··Ignore it, just stick to the plan.··

Mikey ··What've they done to him?··

Donnie ··I don't know, just do what I told you!··

Mikey ··Okay! Okay! Jeez...··

Donnie ··Leo? Leo?··

Raph ··He's out. This stuff's not giving either.··

Donnie ··Try using his sword—cut him free.··


Page 13

Bloch "You would stop us?"

Donnie "Wha?"

Bloch "No."

Donnie "Aghk!"

Leo "Yaaagh!"

Bloch "You will not stand in our way."

Bloch "You cannot undo what has begun here."

Bloch "The blood of the first among you will feed him. Yours shall make him unstoppable!"

Page 14

Donnie "Gnah! You—You're nothing but a puppet..."

Donnie "...Manipulated by a giant, dying, mushroom that's been using you to bring it food for years..."

Donnie "Isn't that right, Mr. Bloch of Dunwich, Connecticut?!"

Bloch "You do not believe..."

Bloch "...Then you shall bear witness."

Page 15

Bloch "Prepare, insolent maggot, to become part of something glorious!"

Donnie "I'm not—akg—a maggot... I'm a turtle. A ninja turtle."

Donnie "And you know what ninjas are good at?"

Donnie "Striking by surprise."

Mikey "Surprise!"


Page 16




Bloch "No!"


Donnie "Yep."

Page 17

Mikey "Distraction plan worked!"

Raph "You call this "working"?!"

Donnie "It wasn't a distraction plan. Blow up the veins, you blow up this thing's way of getting food."

Bloch "You will die! You will suffer the agony of unending sorrow!"

Bloch "Your brains will spin for his amusement! You will—"


Page 18

Leo "Guys needs to learn to shut up."

Donnie "Good to see you're back to form..."

Leo "Yeah, thanks for the save. Can we get the hell outta here now?"

Donnie "Well, there's just one little problem..."

Raph "Holy crap!"

Donnie "...Shub-Niggurath!"

Page 19


Donnie "We've cut it off from its food source... If we can keep it from feeding for a little longer, it should die!"

Raph "Oh yeah? How are we supposed to do that? 'Cause it seems pretty set on eating—"

Raph "—Us!"

Donnie "We just need a way to..."

Donnie "...Pin it down."

Page 20

Donnie "The statue!"

Donnie "Follow me, guys!"

Donnie "Leo! Cover us!"

Leo "Hurry!"

Donnie "Push!"

Mikey "Rrrrrr."

Leo "Gah! Hurry up!"

Page 21



Leo "This place is coming down! Go! Get out of here!"

Mikey " 'Bout damn time!"


Page 22

Mikey "No more calamari on my pizza. Ever."

[One week later.]

[I have an inquisitive mind. I seek to explain the unexplainable. In short, I think a lot.]

>...Experts still struggling to explain the abrupt end to the strange weather pattern last week...<

Donnie "I'm back."

Splinter "Did you find anything of interest, my son?"

Donnie "Nah, just a couple of old Crichton novels."

Donnie "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me."

[The recent past, though... I would do anything to stop thinking about it.]

[I can't, though. Some things you just can't ignore. Some things need to be understood.]

[Even if you know they're best left in the dark.]

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