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One of the Turtles have been taken by the things in the dark depths of the sewers, and it's up to the other brothers to save him. To do so, they will have to navigate the labyrinthine passage ways of the lost sewers and do battle with mind-bending monstrosities. If they fail, not only will their brother be lost, but the entire world as well!


After their sewer home is invaded by a bizarre monster the Turtles seek to find where it came from. Their journey takes them into long-forgotten tunnels. Where every new corner reveals a disturbing and unnatural phenomena. Upon finding a map of the tunnels - along with some fresh TNT - The brothers are attacked by a horde of demented monsters. Leonardo is taken and an attempt to blow up the creature leads to a cave-in. Donatello is stunned to find that Michelangelo and Raphael are trapped under the rubble!


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Donatello uses his bo as a lever to move the rubble from where his brothers are buried, and manages to free Michelangelo; Raphael emerges by himself a few minutes later.

Leonardo, meanwhile, is bound up by tentacles (one is even going down his throat) and listening to a robed figure praising the tentacled creatures. It declares that Shub Niggurath is going to be freed that very night, and Leonardo - "a creature unlike any before seen" - will be sacrificed to this end.

His brothers follow a trail of slash marks that he has been leaving behind, with Donatello noticing the fungal growths along the path. They reach an underground river full of corpses and tentacles, but force themselves to swim through it, barely making it past. They come out in an underground temple to an elder god, and soon stumble across an unconscious Leonardo covered in tentacles.

But cutting him free alerts the robed figure to what they're doing, and he grabs Donatello by the throat. Donatello has figured out what is actually down here: a massive, dying fungal parasite that is constantly searching for food, and uses host bodies to bring food to itself. He's also figured out that the robed figure is none other than the original cult leader, Mr. Bloch of Dunwich.

Before Bloch can kill Donatello, Michelangelo appears with more TNT and blows up the parasite's veins, which are its way of feeding. As an enraged Bloch attacks Donatello with more tentacles, a revived Leonardo slices his head in half.

Just then, Shub-Niggurath appears before them, and Donatello posits that if they can keep it from feeding just a little longer, the entire organism will die. Unfortunately, it's doing its best to eat them instead. In order to pin it down, the Turtles knock down a monstrous idol of the creature, which causes the cave to start collapsing. They barely escape, and Michelangelo swears off calamari on his pizza.

One week later, the Turtles are relaxing as Donatello comes back with some more books, setting aside his Lovecraft and occult histories for the time being.





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