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The sewers of NYC have always been home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... but what else has been nesting in the deep dark? A series of strange occurrences leads the Turtles into long forgotten tunnels. What they find there should have been left alone, for as light fades and walls narrow - bone chilling terror awaits!


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New York City is being plagued by strange weather, disappearances and earthquakes that all seem focused on one spot.

Donatello, meanwhile, is reading up on an old doomsday cult from 1920s Dunwich, Massachusetts, which involved "the black ram with a thousand young," black magic and extra dimensional beings. But Splinter is more concerned with the present, namely that the sightings of strange subterranean creatures could lead to humans finding out about the Turtles.

Just as Donatello dismisses the idea, the lights suddenly go out and a tentacled monster appears and attacks them. Leonardo and Donatello manage to kill it, but discover it came up through an old tunnel that they hadn't known was there. The Turtles reluctantly decide to head down the tunnel and discover if any more tentacled beasts are waiting down there, especially since they are probably responsible for humans disappearing. Splinter is going to deal with the dead body, but he needs to borrow Michelangelo's skateboard.

The Turtles venture into the old tunnels and soon find a massive number of rats, turned into one huge grotesque organism, and then another tentacled creature the size of a building. Donatello recognizes it from his readings on the Dunwich cult, and speculates that it all began there in New York. Michelangelo also finds TNT, which shows that someone has been excavating new tunnels recently.

More tentacle monsters appear and grab Leonardo, and Donatello screams at his brothers to get him back, since they have been sacrificing people down there. Unable to fight them off, Michelangelo decides to use "plan B" and shoves lit TNT into a monster's mouth. A massive explosion goes off as the Turtles flee, the ceiling collapses, and Donatello finds himself alone in the tunnel. As he tries to claw his way through to Raphael and Michelangelo, tentacles pull Leonardo down into the water.





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