Imperius Reptilicus
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Gang leader


Scale Tail Clan
Red Stripe Army

Physical description

Mutant lizard



Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

The Impossible Desert

Voiced by

Keith Morris

Teachers and Students

Imperius Reptilicus is a character in the 2012 TV series.


In an alternate future dominated by mutant animals, Imperius Reptilicus was the leader of the Scale Tail Clan. Verminator Rex convinced him to let his join on their quest to kidnap Mira, the meerkat mutant who had a map to the legendary Oasis tattooed on her arm.

The efforts of the two gangs succeeded in capturing not only Mira, but Raphael as well. Reptilicus and Verminator Rex forced Raphael to fight them in an arena, but both of them were defeated. Upon their defeat, Reptilicus declared that the law of the wasteland made Raphael the leader of both gangs and he pledged the support of himself and his gang to Raphael and the combination of Raph's entourage and the two gangs became known as the Red Stripe Army. Raphael stated that they would all still head to the Oasis, with the implication that they would share its wealth rather than control it, as Verminator Rex had intended.

Verminator Rex did not accept this alliance and ran to his master Maximus Kong. Together, the two of them sought to stop the Red Stripe Army and take control of the Oasis. Reptilicus was crushed under Maximus Kong's truck.


  • Reptilicus is the name of a Danish kaiju movie from 1961.


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