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Brother Ildak was a leader in the Utrom religious cult known as The Illuminated.


Ildak's absolute position within The Illuminated hierarchy is not known; he was not the leader of the organization, but he did command the members on Ch'tok's Third Moon.

The Illuminated believed that they could achieve multiversal peace by eliminating any species that they deemed "violent". To this end, one of the tools at their disposal was DNA harvesting and cloning. After capturing Leatherhead, one of their geneticists, Sister Grum, replicated his DNA for a series of clones.

One of the unaffiliated Utroms, Ribky, came to Earth to recruit the Ninja Turtles to rescue Leatherhead. After freeing their friend, they encountered Ildak holding Ribky hostage. Ildak siced the Leatherhead "Replicants" on the Turtles and Leatherhead. Michelangelo knocked an Illuminated member from a large mecha and used it to shoot up the Replicants. In the fight, Ribky's exosuit was destroyed. Ildak attempted to flee, but was confronted by Raphael; he blasted Raph from a nozzle on his exosuit's neck and scurried off to radio for backup. Unfortunately for Ildak, the Replicants had taken over the base and were attacking anyone in their path. They thrashed Ildak's exosuit, potentially killing him as well.

Whether the Replicants killed Ildak or not, he was caught in the explosion that went off when Ribky detonated the bomb within him.

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