Hypno! Part Deux
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
Hypno! Part Deux!
Season Code: 114
Episode: 8B
Original airdate November 3, 2018
Written by Jesse Gordon
Supervising Producer Vladimir Radev
Producers: Ant Ward
Andy Suriano
Directed by Jamie Vickers
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Christina "KiKi" Manrique
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"The Longest Fight" "The Gumbus"
"Hypno! Part Deux" is the fourteenth episode (Episode 8B) of the first season of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on November 3rd, 2018.


Hypno-Potamus returns and causes havoc at April's homecoming dance.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The story begins with a report by Carly Balmaceda at Fuddleton Middle School. One of the students, Noah Sheck, enjoys making his class disappear with a magic trick to the delight of his classmates. However, Hypno-Potamus has been watching the show, and pretty much resents Sheck for shaking such a brilliant trick out of his sleeve. And then he begins to set up a retaliatory strike.

Meanwhile, April is trying to prepare morally for the upcoming dance at her high school, mainly because she was invited by her classmate Taylor Martin, the most popular and "coolest" girl in the school, to the table of her clique. But to their chagrin, Dale, a schoolmate who adores April, was also invited to this exclusive round. But when the two arrive in the ballroom, they notice how almost all classmates rather than each other prefer to engage with a new online game called Hippo Crush on their smartphones. April is persuaded by Taylor to join the game; but when she wants to download the app, it's blocked by Donatello's anti-malware program on her phone. Just as she starts to get upset that she can not join in the "cool clique", people are marching out of the room in rows, hypnotized, and so as not to lose the connection, she just marches along.

Mayhem, who secretly joined April, senses evil and teleports to the Turtle home. There he meets Raphael and Leonardo and, without further ado, transports the two of them back to school with him. Meanwhile, in the school's main assembly hall, April faces Hypno-Potamus, the cause of these strange events, who immediately announces he wants to trump Sheck's magic trick by making the entire high school disappear from the Earth's surface forever. When April tries to flee in fear, she is discovered by Hypno-Potamus and recognized as not hypnotized, and gets rushed by the entire hypnotized student body - led by Taylor himself.

Just as April is cornered, she is at the last moment cut out by Mayhem, Raphael and Leonardo. April drops the two Turtles at the assembly hall to free the students from Hypno-Potamus' violence while she and Mayhem collect the magical bombs the villain has distributed throughout the school for his "tricks". Hypno Potamus defends itself, but is subject to the two. As Hypno-Potamus' disappearance bombs begin to recharge, Mayhem teleports the bombs to their builder, and then him and the entire mass of bombs to the outside, where Hypno-Potamus is made to disappear by his own inventions. The shock wave of the detonation frees all students from the hypnosis, and April is - incidentally, much to her delight - excluded from her exclusive clique by Taylor for destroying her float.



  • Due to the structure of the title, it may be a reference to the 1993 comedy film Hot Shots! Part Deux.
    • "Deux" is French for "two".
  • This episode most likely takes place during the events of "Repo Mantis", as a few puppies are seen and heard in the background on Donnie's side during his call from April.
  • Upon defeat, Hypno-Potamus shouts "Whanganui!".
    • Whanganui is the name of a city on the southwest coast of the North Island of New Zealand. This is part of a running gag of easter eggs where Hypno-Potamus makes out-of-context references to New Zealand, as it is the home country of Hypno-Potamus' voice actor Rhys Darby.
  • This episode reunites Scott Menville and Danica McKellar who were previously casting from the 80's show The Wonder Years.
  • "Hippo Crush", the name of Hypno-Potamus's bait app, is a potential nod to the popular app "Candy Crush".