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April's Rebels (formerly)

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In an alternate future, where Ch'rell ruled Earth, an aged Hun had been rendered wheelchair-bound, with Baxter's disembodied brain attached to his shoulder. They had been reduced to this by Ch'rell as a punishment. In the year 2029 the two were scheduled to be executed but April and the Turtles rescued them.

While Baxter was very grateful for this, Hun resented living in this state and stated that he'd have preferred being put out of his misery. Outside of carting around Baxter, whose knowledge was useful to the rebellion, the lethargic Hun appeared to have little to do.

They worked with Donatello (who had been stranded in this dystopia by Ultimate Drako), the Turtles resident to that alternate reality, and April O'Neil in an attempt to overthrow the Shredder. When they went to face him for the final showdown, Hun disobeyed orders to stay in the Turtle Tunneler, dragging the terrified Baxter with him as he approached Ch'rell and begged him to take him back, claiming that he wants to serve him. Ch'rell, now using a giant-sized exo-suit, had no sympathy and crushed Hun and Baxter by extension, with his exo-suit.

Shredder's murder of Hun and the other rebels would be avenged by Donatello.


Hun with the garbageman attached to his shoulder in a canned episode

  • In the shelved episode, Nightmares Recycled it would have been revealed that Hun had previously had a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder, similar to his state with Baxter in this timeline.
  • Curiously in the main timeline, Hun abandoned Shredder once he found out he was an Utrom, but in this timeline Hun is still loyal to Shredder. This is possible, however, that he merely pretended to be still loyal to the Shredder.

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