Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Hun "I guess I've done some bad things. But I'm not a bad guy. I just had demons, you know?"

Hun "Anyway... I'm Arnold, and I'm an alcoholic."

Group "Hi, Arnold."

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"Guess it goes back to when I was a kid. For a while there, I was pretty wild."

"But then I met a girl. Got married. She straightened me out."

Mrs. Jones (flashback) "It grows back. I promise."

"We even had a kid. A boy. Things were good..."

"...Til they weren't. 'Til my wife got sick. It hit me hard, so I started hittin' the bottle even harder. Lost my job."

"Wasn't an easy time for me and my boy. We had some... Disagreements."

"Last month I hit the bottom, and I knew I had to turn it around."

Page 3

"See, my boy landed himself in the hospital. I still don't know how. But he was hurt bad."

"And how was I supposed to be strong for him..."

"...When I couldn't even be strong for myself?"

Brooklyn S. Bridge (fb) "Hey! Arnie!"

Brooklyn (fb) "Angel told me about your boy. Come on in. Lemme get you a drink."

Page 4

Brooklyn (fb) "So you figure out who sliced him up?"

Arnold (fb) "Nah."

Brooklyn (fb) "Kids today. No respect."

Brooklyn (fb) "Back in the day, no one woulda messed with you or yours."

Brooklyn (fb) "No one woulda messed with Hun."

Arnold (fb) "Yeah..."

Arnold (fb) "Long time ago..."

Brooklyn (fb) "Yeah. Arnold "Attila the Hun." We were bad news. And now my daughter's undoing all that."

Arnold (fb) "O-Oh yeah?"

Brooklyn (fb) "I mean... On the one hand, I'm proud of her. Doing better than her old man, you know?"

Brooklyn (fb) "But at the same time {glp}—"

Brooklyn (fb) "Purple Dragons ain't what they were."

Brooklyn (fb) "It's weird, you know?"

Brooklyn (fb) "Being so conflicted."

Arnold (fb) "Sorry, Brooklyn. I ain't thirsty."

Hun "Took everything I had to get out of there and not take that drink."

Hun "It's like we always say in here... Old friends can be the most dangerous people to hang out with."

Page 5

"But you gotta watch out for new friends too."

Leonardo (fb) "You need to come with me."

Arnold (fb) "You..."

Arnold (fb) "...You're one of those freaks who got my kid knifed up!"

"Now, without booze in me, I'm a pretty reasonable guy."

"But some creeps just push your buttons."


Leo (fb) "I didn't "knife him up." But you may not be as lucky if you don't do as I say."

"Still, even though he was a jerk, I decided to hear him out."

Arnold (fb) "...Damn abomination..."

Leo (fb) "Stay down, old man. Let's not pretend you have any fight left in you."

Leo (fb) "And to think, you used to be Hun."

Page 6

Shredder (fb) "Hun..."

Arnold (fb) "Huh? Whuzzat?"

Arnold (fb) "Who the hell are you?"

Shredder (fb) "Someone who is about to change your life."

Page 7

Shredder (fb) "I heard about your son. Sliced through the gut. Like a fish."

Arnold (fb) "Don't you talk about—"

Shredder (fb) "Your son."

Shredder (fb) "How will you provide him with medical care? With what money? And when he recovers and leaves the hospital, what then? The people who harmed him are still out there. How can you protect him?"

Shredder (fb) "How can you be a true father?"

Arnold (fb) "You don't know anything about me."

Shredder (fb) "But I do. A leader must knows his enemies. And his allies as well."

Shredder (fb) "Look up from the bottom of your bottle and you'll see your city is in chaos. Gangs like your Purple Dragons are unfocused. Their leadership, divided."

Page 8

Shredder (fb) "But, once, you ran that gang. You kept them in line. I want you to do that again. Reclaim your manhood. Your honor. Be an example for your son."

Shredder (fb) "Become Hun again."

Arnold (fb) "I'm not... I can't..."

Arnold (fb) "I'm not that guy anymore."

Shredder (fb) "No..."

Shredder (fb) "...But you could be."

Shredder (fb) "I'll bet that's the crap that turned him into that, ain't it? I ain't turning into a freak like him and his freak family."

Leo (fb) "They're not my family."

Page 9

Shredder (fb) "Him, it transformed. You... It will simply enhance."

Shredder (fb) "Imagine being at your peak once again. Your body fast and strong. Your mind sharp and unclouded. Like you were before. Better than before."

Arnold (fb) "..."

Arnold (fb) "What's the catch? What do I have to do for it?"

Shredder (fb) "Nothing you haven't been yearning to do. Put your house in order. Re-assume control of the Dragons. Make them fierce again."

Leo (fb) "And remember who you're working for."

Arnold (fb) "Yeah. I can do that."

"When you take responsibility for your actions and surrender to a higher power, that higher power has a way of rewarding you."

"And just like that, I got a job!"

Page 10

Hun "This was a big opportunity, and there was no way I was gonna let myself blow it. So before I went back to work I started getting ready."

"I got back in shape."

"Got myself spruced up."

"Hey, you gotta look the part, right?"

"And then, there it was. My first day on the job. Who knew if I still had it in me?"

Page 11

"My hands were clammy..."

Angel Bridge (fb) "No. We're not getting into a gang war. That's not who the Dragons are anymore."

"My brow was sweating..."

Link (fb) "Well, let's put it to a vote."


Angel (fb) "I'm in charge here so there is no vote."

Hun (fb) "Oh, I agree. There ain't voting in the Purple Dragons."

Angel (fb) "Who the hell—?"

Hun (fb) "But that part about you being "in charge..." "

Page 12

Hun (fb) "...I don't see it that way."

"See, this was my first day back at work. Had to look like I knew what I was doin'."

Page 13

Angel (fb) "You rob a steroid shop, Arnold?"

Angel (fb) "So I'll bite, old man—if I'm not in charge, who is?"

Hun (fb) "I've got some ideas."

" 'Cause maybe I could talk the talk..."

Angel (fb) "I bet you do."

Angel (fb) "Boys, I think our friend rolled out of bed and thought it was still twenty-five years ago."

Angel (fb) "Get him out of here."

"But could I still walk the walk?"

"Well, lemme tell you guys..."

Page 14 & 15

"...Turns out I could walk just fine."

Page 16

Hun (fb) "Now."

Hun (fb) "Your old man and I go back a long ways, and you're Casey's friend. Better that they don't hear about this... "Disagreement." "

Hun (fb) "You sign off on this, or I twist your head off your shoulders. Got me?"

Angel (fb) "Yeah. I got you."

Hun (fb) "Good girl. Now as for the rest of you..."

Page 17

Hun (fb) "...You guys figure out who your leader is yet?"

Page 18

Hun "I'm tellin' you guys, it was amazing."

Hun "My first day on the job, and already I was in a management position."

"Doors were opening for me."

"Turns out, my job brought me back in touch with some old colleagues."

"And, just like it says in step eight, I made amends."

"My boss was thrilled with me."

"Felt great to have a purpose again."

Page 19

"And that gave mt the strength to see my boy..."

Hun (fb) "How ya doin, Case?"

Hun (fb) "...Been in too many hospital rooms, haven't we?"

Casey Jones (fb) "...Yeah. We have."

Hun (fb) "So, hey, listen. I wanted you to know..."

Hun (fb) "I quit drinking. And I got a job."

Page 20

Hun (fb) "Been hittin' the gym too. Still bulk up pretty good, huh?"

Casey (fb) "You traded the sauce for the juice, huh?"

Hun (fb) "So... I know we got our, uh, history."

Hun (fb) "But I'm gonna take care of you now. Gonna be strong for you. I think that'd make your mom happy."

Hun (fb) "It'll be different, Case."

Hun (fb) "I'm different. I know I gotta prove it to you. But I will."

Hun (fb) "Anyway..."

Hun (fb) "I gotta get back to work. When you're up on your feet again, we can talk about you maybe comin' on board with me."

Hun (fb) "No stoppin' the Jones boys, right?"

Page 21

"Me and my kid, we got our ways to go. But I think we're gonna get there."


"I ain't saying I don't think about having a drink now and then..."

"But then I think about my job, and how good I am at it. And, what's more, I love it."

"And I think about my boy. About bein' a good dad to him, and I think, 'Hell...' "

Page 22

" '...Maybe I'll have a soda instead.' "

Hun "So this is my one-month chip. And I'm proud to have it."


Hun "One day at a time."

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