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Biographical information

New York City


Chinese American


Master Martial arts expert/hand-to-hand combatant
Peak physical condition


Purple Dragon leader


Purple Dragons
Foot Clan

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

Casey Jones VS. The Underworld

Voiced by

Eric Bauza

Teachers and Students
Hun is the new leader of the Purple Dragons who has a rivalry with Casey Jones.


Casey Jones VS. The Underworld

Hun first appears when he and the Purple Dragons are robbing a bank. Even though they fought Casey Jones, Hun managed to outfight him before getting away without the money. Having already met the Shredder and also being mentioned to have gotten the other Asian gangs on the Foot Clan's side, Hun and the Purple Dragons were able to obtain some chemicals that the Shredder was looking for where Hun states that they came from an abandoned factory that is on the Purple Dragons turf. When the ninja turtle arrived to fight the Shredder, Tiger Claw, Rahzar, and Xever at the abandoned factory, Casey fought against Hun again and was able to defeat him by knocking him into a cheese vat. After the Turtles caused a chemical reaction to the chemical with the additives used in the cheese balls, the Shredder states to Hun, Rahzar, Fishface, and Tiger Claw that the turtles have only delayed him.

Meet Mondo Gecko

He appears, once again leading the Purple Dragons in a robbery. Michelangelo, Casey and Mondo Gecko discover the Purple Dragons attempting to escape via rooftop and Hun quickly appears and challenges Casey while Mondo hides and Mikey takes on the other gang members. Hun is nearly victorious against both Casey and Mikey, but fails to notice a stray skateboard and slips on it, falling off the roof and into a dumpster.

A short time later he is present at "Mr. X's" mutant racing along with the rest of his gang and many other mutants and underworld characters.

Broken Foot

Hun and the other Purple Dragons return to where Shredder has left a large sum of his laundered money in a temple, only to find it being raided by Karai and Shinigami. After a brief fight, Hun overpowers Karai and taunts her over thinking she can take Shredder's place in Manhattan, before he is blinded and knocked out by Leonardo. As a result, the temple and laundered money are burned by Leo, Karai, and Shinigami, while Hun and the Purple Dragons are left being hung from a streetlight to be arrested by the NYPD. To add further insult to injury, Shinigami paints their faces as well.

Bat in the Belfry

Hun and the other Purple Dragons briefly appear on a rooftop attempting to steal art, before being stopped and beaten by Wingnut, Screwloose, Casey, and Mikey (in his Turflytle persona).


Hun wears shades, sports a half opened shirt, spiky rings, and a gold medallion. He also has a big Purple Dragon icon tattoo on his left arm and many other tattoos on on his torso. Unlike previous incarnations of the character, Hun is Chinese American and slender-shaped.


  • His design is explicitly inspired by Bruce Lee.


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