For the episode "H.A.T.E." see H.A.T.E. (2003 episode).

H.A.T.E. (Humans Against The Extraterrestrials) is a terrorist organization that works to rid the world of Aliens. H.A.T.E. has appeared in the 2003 TV series episode "H.A.T.E."


H.A.T.E. was founded in the wake of the Triceraton and Federation invasion of Earth. The organization, which was established in the woods near the Jones Farm in Northampton, was composed of paranoid or xenophobic militants, under the leadership of their ruthless and relentless leader Skonk.

The group was quite unpopular with the authorities, because of it's illegal hoarding and ruthless use of military weapons - miniguns, rocket launchers and light machine guns. Added to this was also H.A.T.E.S. rigorous pursuit of its objectives: To eliminate the "alien threat", its members were not even afraid, using a homemade nuclear explosive deviceto wipe out an entire city (because of multiple sightings of the Turtles in New York City, the H.A.T.E. leader sees the city as "alien central" and decides to do something about it: by blowing up a thermonuclear bomb in the middle of New York City). H.A.T.E. had no consideration of mercy and knew neither if they were enemy nor friend or innocent; Dropouts or doubters were persecuted and executed with immediate effect by the other members.

When the Turtles by accident found out the insane plans of H.A.T.E., Donatello and Raphael, rigged one of thier ATVs up with explosives letting a good part of their arsenal go up in smoke, and made the nuclear explosive device planned for New York and Skonk ​​harmless and left them for authorities. The current status of H.A.T.E. is unknown



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