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Federation (Mirage)

The Human Federation is a civilization from the Mirage Comics.


The "Federat," as it is often called, controls a huge volume of the galaxy. In cubic light years human space is actually greater than the Triceratons'. In terms of actual stars and planets humanity controls is less than a fifth of Triceraton numbers, because human space is father from the crowded galactic hub.

Humans call their government a "Federation," a name which fits as well as "Republic" on the Triceraton domain. Any remains of a political system that encouraged political participation have been obliterated by the military council. Generals have taken the place of planetary presidents and governors. And military law is now the only law.

It was the war with the Triceraton Republic that started the military’s rise to power. Gradually, as more and more attention was focused on the war and war production, the political government was transformed into a military one. What remains of the government in the Human Federation is little other than the law of the gun.

As a race, humanity is younger, weaker, less experiences and technologically inferior to the Triceratons. Still, where Triceratons must steal their advanced science from ruins and other races, humans have the ingenuity to make advances of their own. And, though the military government of the Human Federation is every bit as autocratic and unprincipled as the Triceratons, humans are willing to make alliances when it is convenient.

This attitude of treating every power as a potential ally has paid off very well for the Federat. Not only are the non-Triceraton borders secure, but certain other interstellar governments are joining the attack on the Triceratons. In addition, the Federation is able to buy advanced spacecraft, ’toids (robots), and weapons from some of the more exotic neighboring civilizations.

Aliens are largely ignored in the Human Federation. Although they outnumber the humans by about 30 to 1 (not counting D’Ants, which would make it about 3000 to 1), the aliens are not considered "citizens," only "residents." However, the aliens are not badly treated. Other than taxes, and the occasional unjust arrest, there are really no disadvantages for aliens. Virtually any kind of intelligent alien can be found on a Federation world. It is unknown what connection there is between the humans of the Human Federation and the identical humans of Earth, which is a considerable distance away from Human Federation space. General Blanque, in charge of the Federation military on the planet D'Hoonnib, in the Sidayon System of Federation territory, had his troopers chase down the Turtles and the Fugitoid, in an effort to gain the secret of the Transmat device that could be used against the Triceraton Republic (TMNT Vol. 1, #5).

Afterwords when Blanque was imprisoned along the Triceraton Prime leader turns as it turns out to the former General Blanque that the high command unknowingly to him where a bunch of realest dreamers who dreamed of restoring the civilian government and making it a real democracy again. Where as the federation military decided to turn in there power to the puppet civilian government making them the real government again have them write a new constitution with governmental power being on planets in frontier which security and that military had better track record on it the civilian ones which would be subject to civilian governmental every so often and aliens which was even to the federation human population had citizenship and full voting rights.

Known Federation members

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