The Hudson River is a river flowing through the U.S. state of New York. The last stretches of the river flow through the interstate border area between New York City and the state of New Jersey, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Upper New York Bay. The boroughs of Bronx and Manhattan directly border the Hudson River proper.

In the 1989 video game, Shredder has placed bombs along a dam on the river, and the Ninja Turtles must dive underwater and disarm the bombs in time before they go off in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

In the 2003 TV series episode Prodigal Son, Leonardo is seen swimming in the river.


  • The location of the dam on the Hudson in the 1989 video game is never specific, but unlike the game's other locations which are very loosely based on real locations in New York City, there are no real world dams on the Hudson anywhere near the city. The river's first real dam, the Federal Dam, is well upstream near the state capital Albany, south of which the river is a fjord and tidal estuary far too deep, densely populated and commercially important to be dammed.
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