Hudson Block

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Mirage continuity, Hudson Block is a building in New York City. It is a former bank that, since coming into possession of Oroki Saki's renegade New York faction of the Foot Clan, has seen its interior secretly completely renovated to function as the group's headquarters. The building's exterior façade and public face retains the fiction of being United Savings Bank. Numerous tunnels controlled by the Foot radiate out throughout the city from Hudson Block.

In the Return to New York arc, an insane Zog guides the turtles (whom he thinks are fellow Triceraton soldiers) to an underground Foot data center, where they learn of Hudson Block's true nature and internal schematics. The turtles use this information to infiltrate and assault the Shredder's organization at its source, the result of which is the Shredder's death at the hands of Leonardo on Hudson Block's rooftop. With the Shredder's demise comes the collapse of his organization into splinter factions (which would resurface in the City at War arc), but Hudson Block never again figures as a plot-significant location.


  • The plot device of the Foot Clan presenting itself to the world as a financial institution would later be reused in the IDW continuity, except that that incarnation of the Foot Clan really did gradually transform from a ninja clan into a bank, until Oroku Karai took control of the organization and remade it again as a ninja clan.
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