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The Street Bike That Transforms Into A High-Flying Space-Hog!

Donatello's latest and greatest mutant-modified machine is mean, green and on the scene, ready to ride the roads or soar the skies at the flick of a switch! The Hover Chopper is two - two! - vehicles in one! As a souped-up street-legal motorcycle, the Hover Chopper goes from 0 to 65 miles per hour faster than you can say "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" As a tricked-out, tech-decked space hog, the Hover Chopper's got the right stuff to lift-off from street to stratosphere as swiftly and silently as a bumblebee (and it can sting like one, too!) Split the Hover Chopper's two wheels apart to turn them into hover jets and let your imagination soar!

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