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Hot Spot
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Squirtin' Fire Hydrant with Hot Hose, Foot-fightin' Fire Axe





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Mutant dalmatian


Black and white

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Hot Spot is a mutant dalmatian firefighter. As an ally of the Ninja Turtles, he is ready to clash with the Foot Clan any time he's not extinguishing deadly blazes. As with most mutants with jobs, Hot Spot uses his work equipment to assist his buddies against the forces of evil.

Powers and abilities

  • Firefighting: Hot Spot is as adept a firefighter as any mutant dalmatian can be.
  • Mutant dalmatian physiology: Hot Spot is prone to unspecified strengths and weaknesses which come with being a human-sized bipedal dog of the dalmatian breed.

Weapons and equipment

  • Fire helmet: A necessity of any firefighter. It protects the wearer from heat and incoming falling objects.
  • Bone: When it's said that Hot Spot is armed to the teeth, it's literal. He carries a bone in his mouth which is presumably stronger than the average one, as it is capable of breaking bones in enemies when used as a cudgel. It is stated Hot Spot only uses it as a last resort.
  • Squirtin' Fire Hydrant with Hot Hose: It's unknown if the fire hydrant is a portable water source, or is supposed to represent just any hydrant Hot Spot has access to. Hot Spot uses his Hot Hose to douse fires and villains.
  • Foot-fightin' Fire Axe: Whether cleaving through debris or enemies, Hot Spot's fire axe will do the trick.
  • Anti-gagging gas mask: Handy for his day job or any biological weapons the Foot Clan happen to whip up.