Hot Spot
Hot Spot
Biographical information
Weapon(s) of choice

Squirtin' Fire Hydrant with Hot Hose, Foot-fightin' Fire Axe

Physical description

Mutant Dalmation



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Teachers and Students

Ruff, ruff! Hot Spot is not only man's best friend - he's the Turtles' canine companion. This likable, lickable lad won't roll over and play dead, cuz he's armed to the teeth! Yes, that bone can break bones, if used just right. But that's only a last resort. This piebald pal really likes to get the Foot Clan clean by dousin' 'em with his trusty, rusty, squirtin' fire hydrant. And if it's a four alarm Foot fight, Hot Spot's got his power-packed Foot-fightin' fire axe and anti-gaggin' gas mask - so he can go right into the thick of things. The Turtles know that if they ever need the help of this Dalmatian dude, all they gotta do is sound the alarm - and Hot Spot will be there, ready to roll.