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Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港; Mandarin Pinyin: Xiānggǎng; Cantonese Jyutping: Hoeng1gong2) is a city and territory in the south of China in the Pearl River Delta. Traditionally part of Guangdong province, and formerly for a time a colony of the British Empire, its sovereignity was transferred to the People's Republic of China in July 1997 where it is currently a special administrative region.

In Swan Song, a future version of Leonardo goes to Hong Kong to forgive Complete Carnage for killing his mate Radical. Instead, after being mocked and watching Carnage murder a hostage, Leonardo flies into a rage and slays Complete Carnage. This marks the final act of killing in Leo's life, and he permanently discards his pair of katana in Hong Kong's waters.

Hong Kong also effectively makes a "non-appearance" in Mutants Down Under, where it is stated that it has been completely destroyed and no longer exists as an entity in any shape. However, the nation of Jakarta currently accepts and even prefers the Hong Kong dollar as currency, and it is a mystery where these bills are coming from, as there seems to be a continuous supply of them.

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