Biographical information

Peblak, on the Planet D'Hoonib, Sidayom System, Federation Territory


Dr. Honeycut, Dr. Honeycutt, Professor Honeycutt


Toidy, H.C.

Weapon(s) of choice

Stun Laser



Physical description

Honeycutt: Federation human
Fugitoid: Robot

Eye color

Honeycutt: Brown
Fugitoid: Green

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Professor Honeycutt was a former semi-retired scientist on the planet D'Hoonib. Professor Honeycutt was once perhaps the greatest scientist of the Federation, a human (or human-like aliens) guided system militant government. Despite his affiliation with the Federation Honeycutt was a peace-loving man who developed his inventions only for the common good. The leader of the Federation troops on D'Hoonib, General Blanque, however, was of a different opinion; Professor Honeycutt's latest invention, a teleporter (original called a Transmat), should serve in the service of the military as a weapon.

Working in his lab, Honeycutt was pressured by General Blanque and the planet’s Human Federation military into making a Transmat Device (teleporation modules) prototype, as they wanted to use it as a weapon to turn the tide in the war with the Triceraton Republic. When Honeycutt had just donned a prototype of a mentawave helmet, a brain wave amplifier, (used to gave the wearer telepathic and telekinesis mental powers), for a test, an accident occurred when he caught the thought waves of his worker robot SAL who was caught outside in a tangle of cables. As Honeycutt wanted to help him, an electrical storm broke; lightning struck Honeycutt and SAL and caused the helmet to short circuit, so Honey Cutts personality and intellect were transferred into the body of his android companion SAL. As general Blanque arrived a short time later, he and his men found only SAL and the body of the professor, and assuming that SAL had killed the professor, they began to chase him. This was Honeycutt, trapped in the body of a robot fugitive. Now in the body of a robot, he became classified as a "Fugitoid," (The name Fugitoid comes from the merger of the English words " fugit ive "- refugees - and" andr oid ".) and was henceforth persecuted by Blanque and the Human Federation.

Honeycutt managed to escape by using some intelligent crustaceans in the nearby city of Peblak, but there he was captured by slave traders and was to be sold at an auction. Meanwhile Blanque, who had meanwhile learned the truth of Honeycutt's transformation, told his assistant Lonae of the importance of the teleporter for his plans. However, it turned out that Lonae was a drug addict and had sold information to the Triceratons to finance her addiction. After the Triceraton contact had heard of the teleporter, he removed Lonae and informed his superiors.

While Honeycutt was now hunted by the forces of the Federation through the city. As the professor was about to be captured by Federation troopers, all of a sudden the Ninja Turtles appeared out of nowhere right in front of him, accidentally beamed over trillions of light years to D’hoonib, by an Utrom Teleporter... and with this development Honeycutt was introduced into the Mirage's TMNT continuity.


Through this chance encounter Honeycutt involved the Turtles inadvertently in his chase. Now believed to be working with Honeycutt, the Turtles were hunted along with him, forcing their alliance for the duration of their adventure on D'hoonib (TMNT Vol. 1, #5). Without knowing first what they should do in this strange world, the Turtles followed Honeycutt who was fleeing from the Federation. After learning the history of Honeycutt and the teleportal and realizing the professor would be their only chance to get back home, the Turtles fought entirely on his side and defended him against his persecutors.

Through the intervention of the Utroms whose own teleportal was responsible for the displacement of the Turtles to D'Hoonib, the Turtles and the professor were finally brought to the Earth, and Honeycutt joined the Utroms, and immediately after the recovery of the Turtles and clarifying some misunderstandings they had to leave the earth.

Honeycutt later extended an invitation from the Utroms to the Turtles to visit the TCRI aliens’ homeworld, where they were reunited with their Utrom creators. Almost immediately after they arrived, Gavat-4 Station, an outpost that had a Transmat link directly to the Utrom homeworld, fell under heavy Triceraton attack. The Turtles agreed to help them, transporting themselves to the station and self-destructing it (TMNT: Guide to the Universe, Shell Shock). Years later, however, when the Utroms began to establish peaceful contact with Earth, Honeycutt returned with them to the earth and was reunited with his old friends and saviors.